Bat, the despised animal

There is one animal that works 6 months each year to protect you, your family, and your pets.

It does this every night for up to 15 years. During a night flight, it eats more than 1000 mosquitoes.

1000 mosquitos that can be dangerous for you, your family, and your dog.

1000 mosquitoes that can spread western Nile fever, the Usutu virus, skin worms, and heartworms in humans and animals.

More than 1000 mosquitoes every night for 6 months.

That translates to 180,000 mosquitos per year that can bite you or your pets and transmit diseases.

Because the bat lives 15 years, it destroys more than 2,700,000 mosquitos in its lifetime, and it’s only one bat !!!

If one counts a medium colony and 2x offspring per year, this number is over 12,555,000,000 destroyed mosquitoes, which results in a little over 12 tons.

All they ask is that we do not hate these useful animals, that we do not hunt them, that we do not destroy their habitat and their nesting opportunities, and where these are destroyed we give them the opportunity to nest again.

Rabies bats are rare, the chance of being infected with rabies by bats as a human being is less than winning the lottery.

People are not actively attacked by bats, but maybe bitten when they pick up injured animals and try to help them.

Wear thick gloves during rescue operations.

Many people do not like them, out of blind prejudice, even though they do much more for us than we do for them.

Live with nature, nature also lives for you.

Regards and good night, Venus

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