What a pleasure to know a story like this!


Joao, the world’s oldest chimpanzee, group 2’s elder, and former alpha and still going strong.

Born between 1943 – 1948, starting his journey in Mozambique as a circus act, only to be given to a local zoo in Maputo with his companion when they were still young. Sadly, Joao’s companion passed away 😔

Soon after war broke out and subsequently Joao ended up living in isolation for many years.

Kind locals fed Joao before he eventually arrived at the sanctuary in 2006 🌳

Joao is a kind, wise old man and has lived one heck of a life. Now between 72 – 77 years old, Joao lives the rest of his days in peace with a loving family.

Great Ape Project

Have a good night, Venus


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