India: Terrible Cruelty on Female Dog – But She Survives Due To Work of Dr. Sharma





An Unspeakably horrible and shameful act

Dear friends,

please see the pictures attached and read the message below.



I have seen this dog myself at Jeevashram a couple of months back when she was brought under in that condition. Thanks to Dr Vinod Sharma and his skill with surgery that the dog is doing well and came out of this horrible ordeal.

But this incidence is not just about how a dog was saved but also shows to what extent a human mind can go that it can cross all boundaries of shame, cruelty and ruthlessness for mere pleasure of satisfying one’s sense of self/ ego and power.

All this was done just for displaying one’s power over a meek and speechless animal.

And it puts all humans to shame to know that many such maniacs are roaming freely in our society, and who are still untouched because there are no rules, laws controlling them. After all many still believe that its just an animal that has been ill treated beyond all comprehensions, but those same people don’t know that these mindsets only make deadly ccriminals.

Rishi Dev,

Citizens For Animal Rights (CFAR),
New Delhi.


Article 51A of the Indian Constitution . . .
” It shall be the duty of every citizen of India . . .  to have compassion for all living creatures . . .  ”

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Dr .Vinod Sharma <>
Date: Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 4:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: Photos as desired by you
To: “Rishi Dev (CFAR)”

Dear Rishi ,

sending you few pic ,of female dog , in whcih we have to taken out Poker which was forcefully inserted in to her vagina by few cruel people .


This female dog is with me and recovered very well , medically and mentally .
I feel sorry for the delay  to report this case as ,this dog was under recovery mentally

Dr VinodSharma

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