Korea: Petition – Eating of Dogs and Cats – Please Sign

South Kores





BOK-days are the hottets day of the year in Korea.

They are also the days in which the greatest number of dogs are consumed. Many Koreans belive that eating dog meat will alleviate the the summer heat and increase a mans sexual prowess.

BOK-days this summer are: 14. and 24. of July and 13. august.


Photo – Dogs Going For Slaughter

The Korean government has not yet baned the slaughter and consumption of companion animals. The Korean government is much responsible for continuing cruelty to and abuse of Korean animals. As long as the consumption of dogs and cats continues, so does cruelty to animals. Therefore the government must establish the law that prohibits the slaughter and consumption of dogs and cats for meat.

You can help! – let us continue to pressurize the Korean government to make a law that prohibits the consumption of dogs and cats, please sign the petition: Animal abuse in Korea and forward.  



Hanne Stajner

See more pictures on this site: http://www.koreananimals.or.kr/english/ 

it belongs to:  Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS)


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