Serbia: Urgent Appeal For Support of Animals Found at Backa Topola – Can You Give ?

************  UPDATE 31/01/11 *************

Hi Mark

it  could be useful for poor  dogs and cats i  Backa Topla  if people can send  help  by Western Union to  Mrs Etela Merk

addresse is  :

Etela Merk

Salas 116

24300 Backa Topola

mobil phone ++381 64 18 70 142


because  shelter  with 350 animals will stay  without electric – she has no money for pay its.I  just  told with her .

Please put  this her addresse on SAV.

Thank You  with all my heart on behalf of poor  dogs and cats in  shelter of mrs Etela Merk .

Subject: January 2011:   Hell to the refuge of Backa Topola, need donations   

Wed, January 26, 2011 – 10:21

I got the info..and links..

I translated into english through it is not all very clear..




We just returned from Serbia and have found refuge in a situation of Etela unimaginable. 

The dogs had no food, no water, they slept standing exhausted to not having to lie down in mud and feces. They fought to death for a niche, for a rotten sausage for a female in heat.Uncollected corpses, the wounded, sick, more straw, births ….

Employees who are helped at the shelter since Christmas parties, Etela do pay more for three months ….
His car was seized, his tractor broke down.
Hell since then ….

Emergency measures were taken to try to soften the lives of dogs waiting to find a lasting solution to this situation from happening again.

An employee who had returned to work the dogs at the shelter, it will give us new each week and ensure water, food, straw, the collection of feces and the dead. Price: 250 euros per month
200 bales of straw will be delivered each month Place: 200 Euros
We evacuated 22 dogs we have placed on board in order to save them: it takes an average of 35 euros per month per dog board, price: 770 euros per month.
We paid 200 euros to EDF so that electricity is not cut off (no water for dogs without electricity)
FB had deliver 4t croquettes on for the shelter in place, it will take a month and a half maximum.

The funds of the association are empty, it’s a great that we are launching SOS to the employee for the straw for the pensions of rescued dogs.

*** For months, we have to find 1220 euros.  ***

Donations can be sent either by cheque at the headquarters of the association: Mukitza, 11 Limours Road, The Molière 91470, or by transfer (see link): 

Thank you specify “To Backa Topola”

I’m sorry for the harshness of the photos that follow, they are unfortunately the reality on the ground when we arrived ….

Small dog found holed up in small parks, vagina air evacuated in emergency and operated. Her name is Peggy now, and will be put up for adoption. She is saved ….


The future of the puppies in the shelter ….


 Depleted dogs sleeping standing day and night in the large parks


Mud, mud still


Never, since in France, saved …. we have two days to find him.


Looks the same everywhere


Small blind and deaf cocker spaniel died two days after our arrival, employees fed him every day since their departure did not find his food, he died of hunger.


Large dogs with demodicosis advanced, we evacuated to a pension, it will be neat.


 Boxer very sick stomach, removed board, he saw the vet and live.








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