Serbia: 18/1/15 – Further News From Felix Shelter.

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tak 18 jan

Utterly sad and totally heartbreaking, but we should’ve seen it coming 😦

Our wonderful, sparkling, loving boy Tak, the only survivor out of the three kittens that arrived from a construction site in Belgrade in September has FIP. It’s a fatal and incurable viral disease which has already killed his sister Tok, and now thinking of it, it’s highly probable that the non-effusive (dry) form of FIP claimed the life of his brother Tik.

It seems all of them were doomed from the start…
We don’t really know if these three cuties were blood related, as we’ve received confusing and contradictory information about them for months, but at least one of them, if not all, were probably born to a mother who was a carrier of coronavirus.

It’s impossible to say if Tak, Tik and Tok got infected from her or from each other and if genetic or husbandry factors were involved. But the sad reality is that all of them got sick with a horrible disease with a virtual 100% mortality rate for which not only that there is no diagnostic test, but also no effective treatment.

FIP is still mysterious and the only thing that’s known for sure is that it usually starts in little kittens and strikes suddenly, weeks, months or years after the initial infection.

Just a week ago, Tak seemed to be a happy, cheerful, energetic kitty boy with no problems in the world. Without warning he began to slow down, became lethargic and his belly looked slightly swollen, but none of us wanted to see what the vet confirmed – that he too has FIP. He’s been under treatment ever since, he’s being given IV fluids, antibiotics and is being force fed as we’re hoping to make him as comfortable as possible and trying to achieve at least temporary palliation of the clinical signs.

Things couldn’t look darker at the moment and the prognosis couldn’t be worse, but maybe a miracle will happen tomorrow…

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