Serbia: Charge Made Against Subotica City Council For Non Compliance With Serbian Animal Welfare Legislation.

Serbian  Flag


Serbian campaigners have been busy – above is their charge against Subotica City Council because it still has no legal shelter within the City.

It would seem that the republic veterinary inspector had a ban in place for the catching of street dogs and cats; and also demanded a new contract be established within the next 60 days with a new shelter – because JAZIP Vrbas  city had deleted its existing contract with Subotica city because it appears they were exporting dogs to other facilities from the shelter at Subotica.

A criminal charge has been brought against JAZIP because the firm does not have enough places for Vrbas’s city dogs; a city which needs 300-400 new places every year.  JAZIP only has the capacity for 200 dogs and Subotica city is taking in 800-900 new stray dogs and cats every year.

It appears that the technical director (who you can see on the video link given in the above attachment) has declared that the (Subotica)  city will catch, sterilise and then throw out onto the streets many of the animals – which is forbidden by Serbian animal welfare laws.

This is also proof that now in 2015, Subotica city still has no legal shelter facility and that by throwing animals back onto the streets, it is also acting illegally here.  Animal welfare legislation has existed since 2009 and Subotica City does still not implement the correct Serbian animal welfare legislation.

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