Serbia: Birds Continually Hunted – Failed By Those Who SHOULD Be Protecting Them – EU Enlargement Commission Fails As Always When It Comes To Animal Welfare.

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Here is the latest information from Serbia regarding the mass killing and smuggling of birds back to Italy by Italian hunters.

Please see our previous post for further information:

The EU is currently in shutdown during August for annual holidays; but this is now allowing us some time to prepare information and links which will be sent immediately to MEP’s when they return from their holidays.

We have plenty of information and photographs as you can see here and on the other links to fully support our case.  We have direct links with the EU Enlargement Commission who we feel are not doing anything near to what they should be doing re animal welfare in Serbia before it becomes a new member state.  

The information below is virtually as provided and has not been edited in any way.  This and the information in the other links will form the basis of the data we provide to MEP’s and to the EU Enlargement Commission.

As EU taxpayers, we are handing out Billions of Euros (literally) via the Enlargement Commission to ensure that Serbia is supposed to be enforcing the ‘rules of law’ as required for membership of the EU.

The information below and in our other links above clearly shows that the law is NOT being enforced, and that as always; Serbia is giving in to its hunters and police; whilst clearly failing to enforce regulations and laws that are there supposedly to provide some protection to animals – be they birds, stray dogs and cats; farm animals etc.

The EU is doing very little about this new accession member state – we demand action and we demand it NOW !


Hi Mark,

I send you photos of 01.09.2012. from a place on the streets in Bujanovac, where police stopped two Italians on the second day of hunting in Serbia in the hunting grounds of Hunting Association “Golub” Bujanovac.





On the first day they killed about 400 to 450 birds, but birds and police did not want to look.



About this hunt on the first day, according to us hunters who were sickened because Italians make real massacres and then the bodies smuggled into Italy via the links on the border, customs.

Italians Antonio Dalla Libera and Vau Editeo, from Vicenza and had a permit issued by the br.1666 LU.Golub for hunting quail ..

Birds that can be seen in the pictures did not quail, neither game species except one dove.







In the pictures you can see:

A. Strictly protected species:

Hoopoe, Upupa epops – 1 individual:

Red-backed Shrike, Lanius collurio- 1 female;

Great Tit, Parus major – one individual;

Forest Pipit, Anthus trivialis – 64 individuals

Stonechat, Saxicola torquata – 1 individual

Whitethroat,  Sylvia communis – 1 individual;

Warbler (or birch forest) Phylloscopus sp. (Trochilus – sibilatrix) – 1 individual.
B. Protected non-hunting species:

1. Field sparrow, Passer montanus – 14 individuals

2. Starling, Sturnus vulgaris – 2 individuals

C. closed season protected species, for which they had no permit

1. dove Streptopelia turtur – 1 individual

Under the domestic legislation, the value of these birds were all killed in poaching over 15,000 euros. + Penalty, but the Prosecutor’s Office in Vranje did not want to finish the case to the end.  So much for enforcing the ‘rule of law’ that the EU Enlargement Commission demands of the Serbian authorities and government – it is a JOKE !

Regulations on compensation applies for determining the amount of damages caused by illegal action in relation to the strictly protected and protected wild species (“RS Official Gazette”, No. 37/10)./

Hunting rifle the five-no. 561897 is owned by Serbian citizen, Strahinja Nikolic from Leskovac, who now leads the Italians in the hunt in Serbia.

The Jeep, brand ‘Nissan’, registration number LE-037 AP owned by certain Strahinja Nikolic from Leskovac have been found decoys and a large quantity of ammunition in boxes.



Hunting rifle the five-no. 561897 and Jeep brands of Nisan, as well as everything else is not taken away, as required by law, only the birds were siezed, when submitting the bird warden LU Golub was 88 of birds, see the photo with the numbers of birds, and to find birds after 5 days and on our great insistence and urging, it was 87 birds.

One bird was missing, we assume that it is a rare species, perhaps a young individual crossbill, as seen in the picture on the right, but characteristic beak crossbill, see.

06.09.2012. The inspector said:

The further control by the OSL PS Bujanovac when you turn the car on the road just some hundred meters from the family home of hunting area was stopped passenger car brands Audi 80 license plates BU 008-LO having Stanojković Dragan where the hunting area is found in the trunk of the same bags with Birds that were the subject of control.

In the presence of the above present officers of the counting of specimens and found that it was 87 dead birds of different birds that are due to poor care already begun to rot.

On that occasion present hunting area manager said that he had forgotten to take out the birds. The birds were confiscated (87 individuals) of Stanojković Dragan issued by the hunting area with a receipt for the same and are placed in cold storage DOO.Razvitak Bujanovac.

Unbelievable but true !!!

Then continue, we filed a large number of charges to various state bodies, mostly police and Prosecutors as well as complaints about their work.

After more than 2 years we have received the documents from the case where it is revealed that they punished only police officers who are not doing their job, the head of hunting, because she let 2 Italians to hunt without hunting companion, and the driver who was driving them. A symbolic fine of 10,000.00 to 60,000.00 to RSD it to pay in instalments.

About all we have documentation that can scan and submit.

SAV Comment – we aim to be providing this to the EU and the EU Enlargement Commission.

P.S. The affair “Balkans birds” still continues and this is a suspect way in which the crime is still taking place in Serbia and desolation bird fauna, because the first people in the police do not respect the law and the connection is on the verge of releasing the presentation of the slain bird in which the Italians earn huge sums of money, and our local ignorant for petty, personal, short-term interests are destroying the natural wealth of our country.

One of the biggest caught by cases of smuggling of birds killed in Serbia, was caught by customs Slovenia, with 120,000 birds.

Our police said that never heard about the case “Balkans birds”, and there is no investigation, no documentation about it.

quail and doves

Regards, V.

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