Serbia: Serbian Police Do NOT Enforce The Rule Of Law AsRequired By The EU Commission. Why Does The EU Turn A Blind Eye Whilst Giving Serbia Millions Of Euros ???

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We have now formally sent our latest post (including links to our 2 earlier posts on bird hunting to the EU Enlargement Commission.  Here is the latest link dated 18/8.

The EU read receipt is as follows:

Your message 

Subject: EU fails EU citizens on Serbia
Sent: 19 August 2015 14:16:03 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

was read on 19 August 2015 16:19:28 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

So now we are formally recording all the information and photographs onto this site so that we have evidence and proof that things have been published; and we can then go back to the EU Parliament (MEP’s) and ask what actually is the EU Enlargement Commission doing in Serbia apart from handing them millions and millions of EU taxpayers money, with, certainly in the case of animal welfare; very little to show in return.

We are EU citizens (UK, Austria etc) and we request action from the Enlargement Commission regarding the ‘rule of law’ enforcement by / in Serbia.

Look please at the following report of today – 19/8/15.

What are the Serbian police doing ? – are they not upholders of the Serbian laws ? – and yet with regard animal welfare issues they always appear to turn the other way.

And the EU dictates that all new member states seeking EU membership must be seen to enforce the ‘rule of law’  – are we wrong or is this what the EU says ? – check it out on the following:

We ask – ‘where is the (EU) rule of law being enforced in Serbia if even the  Serbian police (supposed upholders of the law ?) do NOT appear to be capable based on the evidence we present ?’ – this leads one to think that Serbia is NOT enforcing its own rules of law / legislation; and so is NOT a worthy contender for EU membership; despite the EU Enlargement Commission handing over million upon million of EU taxpaying citizens money !! – what an enormous joke !

So here following is the latest news about the bird issue from today (19/8/2015); which again we are formally recording as a post on this site, and which will form a series to be presented to the EU Members of Parliament (MEP’s) when they return in September.

As for the Enlargement Commission; ?? – will they carry on being like the Serbian police – turning a blind eye to all the evidence presented ?


Hi Mark,                                                          19/8/2015.

Before moving on excessive harvesting of birds, there is still illegal ways of catching wild birds.

In this case, the capture of prohibited tools, sticks coated with glue, cages with live birds as bait, decoys that have voice other birds, capturing birds in order to sell …. everything is forbidden by both national laws and International Conventions to which Serbia has accepted, signed and have been ratified in the Serbian parliament, the law on accepting the Berne, Bonn, CITES Conventions, the Directive on the protection of wild birds, etc ..

The event is from August 18, 2013, Southern Serbia, Sveta Petka, near Klenike, Bujanovac municipality.

Tipped off by locals that at that location every day, day by day,  2 weeks,  2 man  catch goldfinch.  Our colleagues from the Green Network Pcinja districts went out into the field and see what it does, call the police and inspections that took to the field. One of the criminals escaped and the other remained, and were photographed his car brands Audi, registration VR 011 YR. His name was Mitrovic Nebojsa.





On the spot, they found the 3 cages with live birds that serve as decoys. Sticks that you see in the pictures, the trees were coated with glue, and if stick catches another species that they do not need, it is killed and thrown away. See also a monstrous scene, the goldfinch is probably still alive when taken off the glue and pinned onto the top of the tree, as it stands there and looks injured birds attracts the others birds.










In addition to sticks and surrounding plants that prefer to land goldfinch, spread with the glue.  They using glue for mouse and rats, from which very hard to remove birds, because gentle and thin legs and soft feathers that stick to stick.

So we do not have to go to Lebanon, Malta and Cyprus, we all have in Serbia, but for too long not talking about it.   Silence, because they are all connected in the chain of illegal trade in wild birds which brings large profits and any investment.

While an investigation was underway, the police and inspections, we immediately asked to carry out a search of the house and yard Mitrovic Nebojsa from Vranje and another man who escaped, but the police and inspections did not want it to do, and we had a tip that both cellars full of  birds are captured in this way.

The second man escaped because he received permission from the Ministry for keeping the bird and after a few months when, on our inspection report went with him, they found about 20 goldfinch and reported a 6, but he said that they had hatched, although no have rings.. For inspection, it is was considered OK!

We’re still not received an answer what happened to Nebojsa Mitrovic regarding the capture of birds because, being caught on the spot with all the gear for catching birds are caught and dead birds that he did not need but are adhered to and killed them.

We have a case of catching bird with netting, police not found these faces and even birds. It’s about the Police Department Nis.

According to the provisions of the Cites Convention, no wild species that has been acquired in violation of the law of our country, which are certainly all wild birds that have been rounded up in an illegal manner and kept in captivity for trafficking, can not be legally or may be placed on the market, but Serbia ignored the Cites Convention and some permitting holding of such birds.

That’s what they are used by catching birds in nature, birds often get hurt taped, torn them with glue, torn leg, wing, many birds suffer in this way and what is even worse, and the birds appear on sale in public places, for example. stock birds and small animals. Countless applications we filed for such black market of birds, the inspection went but rarely managed to saw a bird which has no place here.

p.s. The special case of the hunters LORIST Fair in Novi Sad, at the end of 2011. where she was the exchange of birds and where the inspection had not seen two ravens, who were on the docks and offered for sale. Raven is in Serbia strictly protected species. After that, we could find out who was selling 2 ravens and where are they?

And this is just one more part of the problem, we have a lot of photos from the stock birds. And it shows that our inspection and the police do not respect the law themselves and even less compliance.

I do not see two ravens, should be blind.

Regards , V.

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