“Most important is the smell of blood”! Thoughts on the strategy in animal protection.

The ARD-Wirtschaftsmagazin (economic TV show in the German channel 1) has made a study about the fur purchase.
The following results were obtained:
76 percent of the customers who consciously opt for real fur know the media reports about animal suffering on the farms.

More than 60 percent of the genuine fur carriers surveyed bought fur from the animal on purpose. The main reasons are appearance, wearing comfort, how it feels, and value for money.

But animal protection plays hardly a part in the purchase decision “.
So we are dealing with a moral bankruptcy.

I guess the results of a survey on meat consumption would be even more tragic.
Such results bring our faith, our struggle, our morality into despair. They force us to think about our strategy.
How should we continue?
Was our strategy perhaps wrong?
Was it one-sided, or weak?

I believe we have focused our strategy far too much on changing this society from below, we have believed in a change that would come from demand.

I am firmly convinced that we should intensify political pressure and make alternative offers for consumers.

I still remember how the ban on smoking came.
Over one night it became the outlet model, the tobacco industry was under enormous pressure and money losses.
How did it happen?
I do not know, but I know for sure: the tobacco industry was just as powerful as the meat industry; no one expected such a ban.
It was a purely political pressure, and it worked.
The smoking consumption has declined, the cigarette prices have skyrocketed.

So a change with the help of the policy I can imagine also with the meat consumption.
High tax due to environmental disruption, which goes to the account of the meat production, increase of health insurance contributions for meat eaters, class action lawsuits against fast food chains, etc.

The other way would be to offer strong and realistic alternatives to the meat, with good advertising and persuasion from the media.
I must confess, the idea gave me the article in the magazine “Der Spiegel”, with the spectacular title “Most important is the smell of blood”!
In a few years, the American physician Pat Brawn wants to bring herbal meat onto the market. That’s not new.

What is new is the strong and effective campaign of persuasion that accompanies his concept: “We will only be successful if the consumer prefers our meat to the animal-made meat … We have made a firm commitment to produce the whole mince in the world this way. And we mean that completely seriously. If people eat a burger in 50 years, they will not be made of beef.

In the future, because of the enormous environmental risk from meat production, the “real” consumption of meat is taxed by the state very high until the meat consumption is forced to move on to plant meat.
A convincing alternative is already on offer. ”

Such a double strategy gives us hope for a radical change for the good of the animals.


with my best regards to you, dear Mark, and all





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