EU: A Positive Move For EU Rabbit Farms; But Will We Actually See Any Changes ?

SAV Comment – Whilst we very much welcome the result of the EU vote; we further question how far this will progress.  MEP’s do NOT have the final say – Commissioners such as Phil Hogan (Ireland) have very much influence; and as he does not believe live exports are a problem, we question his views on EU rabbit farm conditions.  Will Hogan take on the views of over 600,ooo EU citizens, or will he ignore and only do as he wants; as we have seen so often before.  Watch this space !

Dear Mark,

Great news: earlier today, thanks to people like you across Europe, MEPs voted to back a report that could help End the Cage Age for rabbits.

The report recognises that barren cages do not meet the welfare requirements of farmed rabbits, and that Europe needs to move away from this obsolete system – bringing rabbit farming into the 21st century. This is an historic moment in the movement towards ending factory farming.

In even better news, MEPs also voted to call on the European Commission to begin drafting legislation to introduce minimum standards for Europe’s rabbits, including banning caged rabbit farming.

Thank you to everyone who signed our 600,000 signature petition, donated, or sent in a child’s drawing to show politicians how rabbits ought to live. And thank you to those who emailed, called and tweeted MEPs ahead of this critical vote.

As this campaign progresses, we’ll need your help again to keep the pressure on Europe’s policy makers and ensure this issue stays on the agenda. But today, because of you, 320 million rabbits every year are a big hop, skip and jump closer to receiving the protection they so desperately need.

Read the full article:

Thank you,

James West
Senior Campaign Manager

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