UK: Article 50 To Be Presented To The EU By The UK On 29/3/17. Petition and Video Links Against Live Animal Transport.

Well here we are in the week when (on Wed 29/3) the UK Prime Minister Mrs. May goes to Brussels and formally presents the EU with Article 50 – the formal declaration that the UK is going to leave the EU.  Many of us are very happy about this – the UK will get its independence back from the shackles of ‘do nothing’ Brussels, and all our laws will be changed and re vamped into better UK laws by British MPs in the UK House of Commons – not by un-elected self important; the ‘do nothings’ at the EU in Brussels.

On the animal welfare front already there are many national groups within the UK who are pushing the UK government hard for updated and better legislation when we formally quit the EU.  Something we have said all along – when we go it alone; animal legislation will get better than the false promises made under useless legislation in Brussels.  Article 50 presentation then gives the EU and the UK TWO YEARS to hold very important talks and to establish the future trade agreements etc which we hope will benefit both the EU and the UK.  But the main thing is that we get our own legislation back in the hands of the UK – not with jobsworths in Brussels who always say they can do nothing even when it goes directly against the legislation of EU law.

On the issue of live animal transport which we do know a little about, having been involved for around 30 years; work is already under way to get a complete ban on the export of live animals from the UK.  At the moment, hands have been / are being tied by the ‘we cannot do anything’ bunch at Brussels, despite them being presented with overwhelming evidence that the implementation of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the so called ‘protection’ of live animals in transport simply does not work and is not being enforced.  This is supposedly the main EU Regulation to ‘protect’ animals on the road.  The reality is, it is joke legislation – never enforced and not wanted to be by the Brussels leaders.

Ok, so the situation is if the sand headers at Brussels will not do anything to help animal welfare, then the nation of the UK will.  Hence just one of many reasons why we are getting out of the EU, taking back our own control and fighting hard now for a live animal export ban.  We hope that by early fighting, new legislation for a complete ban will  be in force under new UK law on the day (in 2 years time) when we formally leave the EU behind and make and enforce our own laws once again.

Here is a link to a report from the very respected Christa Blanke – the Founder of ‘Animals Angels’ – an organisation which specialises in exposing the cruelty of long distance animal transport across the EU and beyond.

Entitled – The Myth of Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport – the report gives a superb insight into exactly why the EU legislation is simply not even worth the paper that it is written on – and boy have we also not said enough about this over the years?  All the welfare froups and their investigators have shown it time and time again – and still the EU refuses to act on the pile of evidence presented to them.


Here is the link to the excellent Angels report –


Also, as we have presented so many times in our posts, the EU is, for example, doing absolutely nothing regarding the situation for live animals being exported from the EU to Turkey.  Have a look at these videos which show the actual real situation obtained by actual, real investigators; not ivory tower jobsworths sitting behind desks in Brussels:


So; things like the above report go to Brussels; and endless video evidence like that shown above also goes too Brussels; and then what do we get back from Brussels ? – word from Mr Van Goethem and the rest of the dire team that ‘there is nothing they can do’ – they hold their hands up and take no action to enforce the rules, THEIR EU RULES; whilst every day, live animals continue to suffer. On the endless trips of cruelty and despair  Another joke is that Mr Van Goethem claims to be a veterinary – yes, a vet ! – are not these people supposed to look after the welfare of animals rather than dismiss the cruelty that is presented to them ?


The UK getting out of the EU is not going to change everything; but it will show the EU the strength of feeling over issues that they simply dismiss whilst shouting that they can do nothing.  If the UK can get out of Europe, take back its own laws and stop the export of live animals; then so can other EU member states.  But do they have the guts to do it or will they just keep on obtaining information and being continually met with the ‘we can do nothing’ shouts from the Brussels brigade over the next five, ten years or more ?.


For Brits, this is not good enough – the EU has failed the citizens of the UK when they have presented endless info and petitions etc about the horrors of live animal exports.  The EU has ignored the facts.  Ok, so now we ignore the EU and we go it alone, making new laws just within the UK and enforcing them.  Maybe the EU will learn from this, or will ivory tower EU continue to have its head in the sand as usual, ignoring the evidence and the campaigns for enforcement of ‘EU’ legislation within Europe !

Here is a new link, one of many, that calls to get the UK government to ensure live exports are banned when we formally leave the EU.  Please sign and pass on – already we have over 29,500 sigs from UK citizens.  Note that this can only be signed by UK citizens, as we hope the issue will be discussed in a UK parliament which represents the UK people.

Please crosspost any of the above links as necessary;

Regards Mark – SAV.



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