The suffering of India’s “sacred” cows for milk and leather!



Honored and tormented: An undercover research by Animal Equality in more than 100 Indian dairy companies brings unimaginable animal suffering to light.

Animal Equality has spent more than two years researching 100 dairy farms, 11 live animal markets and eight slaughterhouses in India. The result is the report Honored and tormented – The suffering of India’s “sacred” cows for milk, the most extensive research in the Indian dairy industry so far. This is directly related to the Indian leather industry – and Germany is one of the major buyers of this leather from India.


The recordings of our investigators reveal shocking:

-Cows are inseminated by inexperienced workers with contaminated equipment and unhygienic conditions.

-Due to the emotional stress of cow and calf separation, some animals stop producing milk; These cows are placed by the workers next to dead, straw-stuffed calves. So they should believe that it is their own calf.

-The animals are beaten by workers with sticks and chains, they are kicked and sometimes even sexually abused.

-In none of the farms examined are the cows cared for by veterinarians; they either remain untreated or farmers use their own medication to cut costs.

-On the way to the slaughterhouse, up to 30 animals are loaded on a transporter, which is actually only allowed for a maximum of six animals.

-Traders twist or break the tails of the animals, rubbing chilies into their eyes and ramming sticks into their genitals to force them into slaughter transports.

-In the slaughterhouse the cows and cattle are repeatedly cut through the throat; Hardly a worker kills the animals already with the first cut.

-Many animals are fully conscious during the slaughter process and also experience the subsequent mounting.

Already in 2016, Animal Equality presented the findings of this research to the Indian government and made recommendations on how to ensure a higher standard of animal welfare in the dairy, meat and leather industries. As a result, India’s government initially enacted a number of bans, particularly for live animal markets, to protect cows and buffaloes from extreme but commonplace suffering. However, following resistance from some Indian regions, animal markets have returned to some practices, such as the sale of disused dairy cows for slaughter. In dairy farms and slaughterhouses, torture states still prevail.

We have launched a petition to convince the Indian government to finally take the necessary steps to protect the cows, calves and buffaloes from this agony. Support our claims today with your signature.


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  1. Humans capable of such vile behavior? Up to normal people to eradicate vile and abject cruelty.

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