International: Stop Live Exports Day of Action – 14/6/18. See Below For More Details.


Dear Mark,


Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day is just a month away, and the victims of this horrible trade need your voice.


End Europe’s live export shame


The European Commission is currently complicit in an appalling trade in live farm animals to Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa. Please tell the Commissioners to take action.


Petition link –

Animals exported from Europe may face extreme dehydration, exhaustion and hunger. Some collapse onto floors that are covered in faeces and urine, and risk being trampled by their companions. Those that survive may then face unimaginably horrific slaughter.

It is within the power of the European Commission – and the Commission alone – to propose legislation to end this suffering. Please call for an end to EU live exports today.

Take a stand on 14th June!


Thanks to a recent investigation by Animals Australia, the cruelty of live transport is making global headlines. Video footage of sheep in the belly of a transport ship, covered in blankets of faeces, or being cooked alive by sweltering temperatures, has shocked the world.

If you haven’t already done so, please click here to find out more.

You can join campaigners worldwide who will be raising their voices, in unison, to oppose this cruel trade.



If you’re based near London, UK, please join our rally in Parliament Square from 12:30-2.00pm. You can register your interest in the rally on Facebook.

Alternatively, check out our interactive map to find an event closer to home!

A huge thank you to everyone who’s already said ‘I’m in’ to Stop Live Transport: International Awareness Day, 14th June. We’ve been overwhelmed by the response so far – with events planned in over 30 countries!



No event near you? Why not organise your own! A candlelight vigil, a peaceful street rally or even an online demonstration – anything you can do will raise awareness of the cruelty of long distance transport.



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