Hey Mum – Whats For Tea ?

Maybe an apron would be better !

LIDL have some great ideas for veggie and vegan dishes and drinks – check them out !


Smoky Cucumber Salsahttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Smoky-cucumber-salsa


Grilled Peach Pavlovahttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Grilled-peach-pavlova


Beetroot vegan burgers with pumpkin seed pesto https://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Beetroot-vegan-burgers-with-pumpkin-seed-pesto


Halloumi and peach kebabshttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Halloumi-and-peach-kebabs

Balsamic strawberry tarthttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Balsamic-strawberry-tart

Mushroom and courgette fritter burgershttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Mushroom-and-courgette-fritter-burgers

Tandoori halloumi wrapshttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Tandoori-halloumi-wraps

Warm potato saladhttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Warm-potato-salad

Mexican corn saladhttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Mexican-corn-salad

Ignis fruit punchhttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Ignis-fruit-punch

Potato, pea and mint crushhttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Potato-pea-and-mint-crush

Apple coleslawhttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Apple-coleslaw

Smoky vegan burgershttps://recipes.lidl.co.uk/Recipes/Smoky-vegan-burgers




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