Notre Dame: donation funds are flowing


Within only one day – about 800 million euros in donations!
How long do many hungry people in the world wait for help?
Although money was pledged again and again, the community could not agree – not even after years.

If the starving people of this world were NOTRE DAME, they would not have to wait that long!

Or we take Europe – millions of old people are living in the garbage! 50 million people in the EU can not cook hot food because they suffer from energy poverty.



The “rich” France has 6 million unemployed and here too the poverty rate does not fall, about 8.9 million people live below the poverty line. The French government plans to spend about 295 billion euros on defense equipment in the next few years !!!
Do you remember? The EU sought solutions to the poverty of the “young generation”!

With God’s help and the enormous sum of 800 million … it should not be a problem. After all, it is a place of worship, here the good has his own interest that his house is quickly revived.

Some millions of tourists have to settle for burned parts of the cathedral, and the faithful have to wait a bit with their prayer until the restoration is complete.

We would have best used the 800 million against the deforestation of the Amazon or for the reconstruction of the thousand ruined houses of the orangutan families in the Indonesian forests.

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My best regards to allo, Venus


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  1. I’m always asking myself: what is more important, material goods or living lives?
    I’m baffled. Actually, not really, I shall say I’m dismayed and angry. Really angry. Yes, I do love Cathedrals (and they always are in my writings, somehow), but animals and humans shoudn’t come first? Sperially the poor creatures we call “animals” which most of them, depend on us… humans. But I guess there is more, behind this kind of solidarity. But don’t worry, I’m sure between us are many people, giving to help animals and humans and not to the Church.

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