Pamplona: the blood runs along

Since the days of Ernest Hemingway, the famous writer and alcoholic, tourists and adventure seekers around the world have aroused the annual interest in San Fermin Festival 2019 in Pamplona for its most famous and bloodiest attraction: the bull run.


Adrenaline junkies flocking in droves, macho types wanting to prove their skills, and herds of beer-travelers looking for alcohol and adventure flock to Pamplona every July to prove that a feeble mind is not just connected to the bull run.


At the first run on Sunday July 6, 2019, according to a hospital, at least five people have been injured. As the Red Cross reported, one person was pierced by a bull’s horn and two more suffered skull trauma on the first day.

(Unfortunately too little damage, the fate of the bulls is much worse ! If there had been 200 deaths, the bull race would be abolished, and so we would not talk about Pamplona next year and in the future)



What happens there?

Since 1591, eight fighting animals have been driven about 850 meters through the old town of Pamplona for eight days. The bulls come from the south of Spain and are kept outside the city before the bullfights in the corrales. These are young animals weighing between 550 and 700 kilograms and can reach speeds of around 25 km / h.

The bulls are driven over a distance of 850 meters to the arena, where they are killed in the evening by Toreros. (more precise formulated: bull murderer).

The end is inevitable: The exhausted bull is killed amid the cheers of the numerous spectators and the victorious Matador celebrated.



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My comment: Why does not Spain ban this shit? Yes, money !! And tradition, as always as an excuse.

With the high unemployment of the country stupid tourists must be lured into the place with primitive spectacles. Man, man, man! Humanity is and remains stupid and sick. Every year this garbage, one wonders, in which century do these naked animals still live?

Spaniard: Take tanks instead of bulls!
So no animal would need to suffer unnecessarily, but the result would remain the same.

My best regards to all, Venus


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