Latest Irish Calf Export News from CIWF – Romanian Sheep to Kuwait Latest Position News.

For those of you who want to keep up to date on what is happening in Ireland (EU) regarding live exports; we can suggest that you go to the CIWF Ireland Volunteer Facebook page at:

Here there is lots of news and articles about Irish exports.

You will see that investigations are finding that even after making the sea crossing from Ireland to France; after which calves should immediately go to a control post; some transporters are continuing their journey for at least another 5 hours. Some drivers have informed that the calves they carry have been on the truck for over 32 hours !

PMAF Inv 5

This is completely against the EU Regulation to allegedly protect animals during transport – Reg 1/2005. The same is the case with the temperatures for sheep exported from Romania to Kuwait. Is the EU concerned about enforcing its own regulations or not ?

And talking of the sheep exported from Romania; the Al Shuwaikh (Romania-Kuwait) is currently ay anchor off of Port Said in the East Mediterranean (North of Egypt).

We do not know why the vessel is at anchor there at this time – to take on supplies and food for the animals ? – who knows.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 4

We will continue to give position updates as we track the vessel.

Regards Mark (WAV).


AL_SHUWAIKH another 3

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