Austria: animal rights activist rescue 500 breeding ducks


Thousands of animals are released on the land of the Republic of Austria without any permission and clearly against the will of the majority of the population, only to be shot down! the ducks are only used for hunting fun. It is a tragedy.


Every year, some oddly talented people expose thousands of breeding ducks from Hungary to the river systems of the Leitha in northern Burgenland, Austria.
A few years ago, they even stretched a net over the Leitha River so that the helpless animals would not be driven downstream.

But that could be banned by intervention from us.
Nevertheless, the ducks regularly land at the beginning of July in temporarily built enclosures on the riverbank, in numerous places. Few days later, the fences disappear and tons of wheat, corn and other food are being released daily in the countryside.



The landed property of these river systems belongs to the Republic of Austria, that is us. And there they are exposed to thousands of breeding cattle from factory farming, without asking us!

Through this fun the water is poisoned, contaminating the landscape. The responsible state councilor does not comment on this. Our ads were ineffective, although the mayor has publicly spoken out against this dropout.

Time to act.



Today, some “hikers” arrived at the river Leitha and accompanied more than 500 of the breeding ducks to Hungary.
The still flightless young animals without parents joined the animal rights activists.


Updated: The 500 ducks have now disappeared in the Hungarian riparian forests in the thicket and hopefully safe from the shotgun hunters on the Austrian side. 🐦


Thanks to the animal rights activists!

For more…at:

My comment:  Dr. Dr. Martin Balluch, the chairman of the “Association Against Animal Factories”  (VgT) is a longtime and very dedicated animal rights activist.

With his long and courageous commitment he was able to record to some successes  in animal welfare: the prohibition of fur farms and wild circuses, the prohibition of laying batteries, the prohibition of animal testing of apes and the caging of meat rabbits, the establishment of animal welfare as a state goal in the Federal Constitution and the ban on crates for mother pigs.

In the coming state elections, in Austria, he runs as an independent candidate for the list “Now” (JETZT) for animal welfare.
I hope that he will be elected in Parliament so that he can also exercise political influence over animal rights.


Best regards, Venus

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  1. Unions of wild ducks and pheasants who were born and raised in captivity are NOT wild animals – due to the IMPRINTING (Konrad Lorenz, Nikolaas Tinbergen, Karl von Fisch, Nobel Prize in 1973). This applies to all wild species.

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