England: When Is A Woman Not A Woman ? – If She Is ‘Animal Female’. She Has Babies and Produces Milk for Them; But Then Things Change !

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I have campaigned for, and spoken in defence of, all the worlds animals exported live for over 30 years.  Part of my campaign ‘patch’ was at Dover in Kent, which is my personal home county.

Until recently; the Dover Member of Parliament (MP) was one named Charlie Eliphicke.  Over many years of campaigning against live exports (from Dover); protestors were constantly informed that ‘Charlie’ was against the trade and fully supported them.  Never once was he observed at the docks supporting the protests, or supporting written documentation (evidence) being presented to either the EU or ‘his’ Political Party, the Conservatives.

Yesterday, 15th September 2020, Charlie Elphicke was sentenced to 2 years in prison for ‘sexual assaults on women’.  The Judge at the case, one Mrs Justice Whipple; told Elphicke he was a “sexual predator who used his success and respectability as a cover”.

Here is the BBC link to the issue:


It is not for me to stand here and put Charlie Elphicke down; I have better things to do; nor do I in the least support his alleged actions in any way – quite the opposite; but what (allegedly) happened is an issue that I don’t want to get involved with.  The abuse of females is wrong – simple as that; whatever guise it takes.

For me, personally and more importantly, is the fact that CE was sentenced to 2 years for the ‘assault on women’.  That to me this is disgusting enough, but with all that has happened here I consider the envelope should be pushed a little wider.

‘An assault on women’.

From of many searches today, I find that under ‘the system’, ‘A woman’ is identified as an adult female human.


Fine; no problems there, but then what about all the other ‘women’; females of this planet ?

mark 3
breast milk

There are ‘women bovines’; and they are called Cows once they have had offspring. A heifer is a female that has not yet had any young.  A cow is a mature female bovine that has had at least one calf.

There are women porcines’, Female pigs, called sows, give birth to offspring twice a year to a litter of around 12 young. The baby pigs are called piglets. Prior to having any young, the female pig is usually known as a ‘gilt’.  At birth, piglets weigh around 2.5 lbs. Wild pigs can give birth to six for 14 piglets at a time.

For ‘women’ sheep, or ‘Ovines’, an adult female is referred to as a ewe.  She gives birth to lambs.

For ‘women’ Hens, younger females are known as pullets, although in the egg-laying industry, a pullet becomes a hen when she begins to lay eggs.

The female / male list of animal types is endless.  If you’d like to find out the correct male and female names for these animals and many more, then check the list below


‘Women’ animals are abused by respective industries that farm them continually.  Most humans; those of the non animal advocate kind; accept this as part of the system.  I ask the question; why can a male human abuse females and get sent to prison for 2 years; and yet tens of thousands / millions of ‘women’ animals suffer much greater abuses, and yet their perpetrators appear to get away with the abuses all the time because they are accepted by most in human society as being the ‘norm’.

Until society realises that ‘women’ animals are sentient beings; just like humans; and they love and cherish their offspring, if even allowed to for more than a few hours; then human society will make little progress.  The abusers will remain as the abusers and the women animals that suffer as a result will continue to suffer for all mankind.

2 years for fondling a human woman.

Continual Insemination of a ‘woman cow’ – Using the flexibility of your wrist, twist and bend the cervix until you feel the second ring slide over the gun tip. Push the plunger slowly so that drops of semen fall directly into the uterine body. When the insemination gun is more than 1” through the cervix, all the semen will be deposited in only one horn.  ACCEPTED.

Seems that some abuse is not accepted in the human world; you can go to jail; and yet daily animal abuse is accepted in the human world everywhere without question.  Why ?

Learn more about more ‘female mums’ – the stray dogs and cats of Serbia – from our other site; ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV):




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