Forest Green Rovers: first vegan football club!

Without a sausage in the stadium and artificial fertilizer for the lawn? Can it work?

A British professional club “Forest Green Rovers” is currently celebrating success with this concept – and could soon become a role model.

Club owner Dale Vince says, “We became the world’s first vegan football club because it’s better for the environment and animal welfare, but also because it improves player performance and gives fans healthier, delicious food on match days”.

In addition, he says, top athletes like Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton, and Venus Williams have also gone vegans to improve their performance, they couldn’t be that wrong.

(The video is in English with German subtitles)

And the most important thing – they are successful!

They have been declared the “greenest football club in the world” by FIFA, are the first sports club to be recognized as carbon-neutral by the United Nations, and their stadium is the only completely vegan football stadium in the world.

We wish them continued success.

regards and good night, Venus

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