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Animals make us ashamed…
because animals are better than us at expressing feelings.

regards and good night, Venus


the German Hunting Association has troubles…

E-mail from the German Hunting Association (DJV) to its members:

“Dear hunters,

In the following, I will give you information from the DJV, according to which hunting opponents will probably be active in different parts of Germany.

Because the DJV is currently receiving frequent reports of hunting-critical activities in hunting grounds by hunters at the base.
At the same time, the DJV noticed increased activities in the direction of hunting disruption and hunting sabotage in internet forums and social media groups.

The SOKO-Animal Welfare Association is currently calling for all trap-catching locations in Germany to be reported to the association ( *.

Image: SOKO-Animal Welfare Association


In Lower Saxony, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) recently destroyed the Celle hunter’s burrow facility overnight and released the foxes.

In animal rights forums, the DJV finds calls and plans for further acts of sabotage, increasingly through “profiles” from Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Lower Saxony.

The campaign of Pro Fox Alliance has recently started a campaign against fox hunting:

This is supported by Hannes Jaenicke (German actor) and Peter Wohlleben (forester)

The GEO Magazine has now also reported on this: https: // /…/ 24077-rtkl-tierschutz-streitthema …

At the same time, the animal rights organization PETA is currently launching a campaign (LINK: to stop fox hunting.

Be particularly vigilant in the near future and report suspicious activities to the DJV (!!!)
If you see calls for criminal offenses on the Internet, please send screenshots with URLs and time tamp to us or directly to the DJV.

Please also pay attention to possibly sabotaged high seats such as sawn-off ladders etc (!!!)”

Source: Facebook

And I mean…The hunters are mobilizing.!!

They are slowly losing the ground under their feet! They notice that more and more people do not want to accept that their peaceful forests are turned into battlefields for defenseless animals.

In Germany, there is no nature reserve, no forest, no lake that is not subject to hunting.

Our remaining natural environment and the wild animals living in it have been degraded to a shooting range by a wretched minority (0.45% of the population, 388,000 hobby hunters).

Some animal rights activists who published the DJV’s email on their Facebook page have already been threatened.

The standard method used by German hunters is the intimidation method.

The heavily armed gang was always of the opinion that not only the animals in the forest but also any hunting opponents can terrorize.

Those days are over!

* SOKO Animal Welfare Association made an appeal on Facebook in January of this year, I quote:

“Who can help?

We are looking for hunting trap locations. Alive or homicide traps.
Anyone who knows such locations: Please doesn`t comment here, but send us exact location data and, if possible, a photo by PM. Thank you.

Update: Since the various hunters are just going crazy again, I would like to remind you again that the forest in Germany is free.
That means, you can enter it, you can relax there and also take photos.

Of course, as always, you should pay attention to signs, leave them as you found them, and show consideration for yourself, animals, and third parties.

Anyone who knows SOKO Animal Welfare Association knows that our tactics are always peaceful, legal, and successful.

In this sense, enjoy nature, respect its inhabitants, and do not allow yourself to be patronized by people who think the German forest is their private playground”.

My best regards to all, Venus


For women’s Day

The majority of female non-human animals never got their rights.
Not even for an hour.

They are still with marks in their ears in the slave centers of this world, only one number, only one function: to serve the human animals.

Their families and children were robbed and they could not defend them because these women were shackled as little young girls.

Even serious criminals don’t have to fear such a punishment, but these women are imprisoned, raped, and forced into chains for life because their biggest and only crime was to be born.

Born in a society in which “human rights” arise solely from belonging to the human species – no matter how a person is made, it has this right per se. Because it is human.

As a result, it is created the “right” of the strongest against the other animals, and it is even legalized.
The violence against non-human animals with their billions of faces and fates is solely the result of the fascist superiority of the human species

Therefore, on Women’s Day, we think of the millions of non-human women on earth, of their stolen children, of the women who give birth in miserable boxes, of the women who give birth in trucks, of the women who are waiting to be executed in the slaughterhouse.

That is an injustice, and we will continue to fight for their liberation, for their rights.

My best regards to all, Venus