Your animal is not a toy!

If your dog comes to the shelter because you no longer want him, bothers you, prevents you from going on vacation … these all hypocritical excuses…

…he sits and waits for you.

He’s waiting for you to get him.
He’s waiting for you a minute, an hour, a day, a year?
He doesn’t know why but wait for you because he trusts you.

Because he loves you unlike you.

Listen carefully! Your animal is not a toy!
Think about it before you get a pet …

You are responsible for a family member just as you are for a child ❤️❤️

regards and good night, Venus


Germany: the lynx is strictly protected= in seven years 36 illegal shot lynxes!

In the past seven years, 12 dead lynx were found in Bavaria (Germany).
The number of unreported cases could be much higher. The perpetrators have not yet been identified. The Socialist Party of Germany (SPD) criticizes this fact and demands results.

Since 2011, 12 dead lynx have been found in Bavaria.

This is in response from the Interior Ministry to a request from the SPD in the state parliament.
The number of unreported cases could be 36.

According to this, six lynxes were killed by shooting or poisoning, and another six animals were found as stuffed trophies.
According to the ministry, five lynx were also killed in traffic accidents.

There are still no perpetrators (!!!)

The State Office for the Environment names another 14 cases in which wild lynx have been killed.
In none of the six proven killings, a perpetrator could be identified.

The police were able to find few investigative approaches in the cases despite securing and analyzing evidence, according to the authority.

Lynx poaching in Bayer, 2020: The case was dropped for lack of evidence (!!) © WWF

The SPD member Florian von Brunn criticizes this fact.

At the end of 2015, a dead lynx was found that was believed to have been strangled. It is also particularly strange that there is still no information about the findings of the investigation into two lynxes killed in the Cham district in 2015.
At that time there was a police search of a hunter’s house.

“We still don’t know what came out of the ammunition investigation” (Florian von Brunn)

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