Pastor with hunting ambitions

Mr. Pastor goes hunting!

Manuel Fetthauer is a Protestant theologian and passionate hunter!
Some of his parishioners wonder whether a pastor can really just put a rifle on to go hunting in the forest.

The Protestant theologian Manuel Fetthauer from Rhineland-Palatinate has a clear answer.

Manuel Fetthauer prefers to sit under a gnarled cherry tree, with a view of a small valley basin, deserted fields, and the edge of the forest.
Here in the Hintertaunus, he can switch off from everything that kept him busy during the day.

The Protestant pastor from Rhineland-Palatinate has a passion that one would not expect from a theologian: Whenever he has the time, he buckles his rifle on and goes hunting.

Anyone who wanders through their hunting grounds with Fetthauer quickly understands that there is someone who knows their way around nature.

The 32-year-old knows which bird calls can be heard and which paths the animals usually use.

“The forest is not in good shape,” he says. It is the third dry year in a row and many branches have dried up.

Pastor Fetthauer

Red deer harm the trees says Mr. Pastor

In addition to the long drought, the numerous red deer also bothered the trees, he says.
The animals eat the buds of young plants or gnaw on the bark.

Fetthauer has already seen 200 red deer roaming past his hide in a single evening. Restoring the natural balance is also a kind of “creation mission”  (!!!) for the hunted theologian.

Hunting opponents see it differently.
For example, the animal rights organization “PETA” has launched a “Christians for Animals” campaign, which specifically encourages believing people to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

The traditional annual Hubertus masses and hunter services are a thorn in the side of the critics.

The President of the German Animal Welfare Association, Thomas Schröder, accused the churches of justifying the “senseless killing of millions of animals under the guise of customs”.

Even St. Hubertus, the patron saint of hunters, has renounced the hunt, according to legend, after Christ spoke to him in the form of a stag.

Fetthauer likes many of the hunter’s customs.

He celebrates hunting services in November because they also appeal to the hunters’ sense of responsibility, as he says, and he also plays the hunting horn himself.

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