The Easter lamb – a blood sacrifice of the Christian faith!

He is getting a preview of what is next for him …

At Easter, not only chocolate bunnies are served, but also lots of eggs, a roast rabbit, or even an Easter lamb. What many are not aware of: Thousands of lambs suffer before the holidays, especially for our enjoyment.

In large parts of Europe, sheep are rarely kept for their wool, because no profit can be made from it, not even from sheep’s milk production.

Lamb, on the other hand, is still considered a delicacy in many places – especially at Easter. The lamb babies are between eight weeks and six months old when they are slaughtered.

As a rule, they have never eaten grass.
Their meat is therefore considered to be particularly tender and low in fat.

In Italy, the demand for the Easter lamb is particularly high. According to the Confederazione Italiana Agricoltori (CIA), the Italian farmers’ association, Italians eat around 260 tons of lamb on the festive days alone, for which several million lambs lose their lives.

The great demand is mainly due to the Christian tradition, in which the Easter lamb is a symbol for Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

For the History: Jesus voluntarily sacrificed himself for the sins of mankind.
For the truth: Nobody asks the lamb, we just kill it.

The right to life should be taken for granted. For all living beings

Therefore: Let animals out of your plate! A tortured animal is an involuntary sacrifice and its suffering cannot justify any tradition or religious belief

My best regards to all, Venus


Primeval crabs-“Triops”: not for the children’s room!

❌ Suffering as a craft set – #Triops #primeval crabs

They are filigree relics from # prehistoric times … The graceful little crabs – known as so-called “Triops” – are considered “living #fossils”.

Freshwater is their element.
You can find the animals not only in pools and lakes all over the world – but unfortunately also in children’s rooms all over the world …

The tadpole shrimp family includes three well-known species – one of them – the “fairy shrimp” (Anostraca) – was recently discovered in a temporary lake in Baden Wuerttemberg (Germany)

With their original body and shell structure, their three complex eyes (TRI = three OPS = eye), and their artful movement patterns, the small prehistoric animals exert a great fascination on us.

Many children and young people want to bring a piece of primeval times into their own children’s room by buying a “Triops set”.

Triops eggs can be purchased online and in zoo and toy shops for less than 20 € in the “complete carefree package” with food, mini aquarium, and various auxiliary utensils …

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