Rats are sentient too

Rat Meat: In just about every country around the globe there are people eating Rat corpses for pleasure or survival necessity.
West Virginia, USA & Mexico have “Rat Stew”, “Caldo de Rata” there is also Rat Jerky.

The USA citizen in the cooking photo especially enjoys eating Rat testicles.

In Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Laos, China, Cambodia, etc, etc, Rats can sometimes be seen on restaurant menus.

Some people in Australia, New Zealand, Polynesia, Africa, South, Central & North America, and Europe enjoy eating Rats.

Rats from the forested wild, near wineries or grain farms, are preferred to sewer Rats, graveyard Rats & garbage dump Rats.
Buying live Rats or Rat corpses in open markets is risky because one never knows where the Rats lived and what they actually fed on.
Rats like people can survive on eating just about anything & everything.

There is a better way, a kinder way, a healthier way.

Source: Scott Young

And I mean…Yes, the whole thing is absolutely weird and disturbing, and no, it doesn’t just apply to the rats.
This affects all sentient animals.

Is severing a pig’s leg more painful than severing a rat?

If I see the infliction of pain as negative and accordingly try to avoid it, then it is consistent to do this to all living beings with pain perception.
It then makes no difference whether these creatures are humans, rats, dogs, or cattle.

In view of the masses of animal products consumed in Germany, we do not need any sharp criticism of “THE other” food cultures, the so-called exotic ones.

My best regards to all, Venus


Germany: Hell of fire in Europe’s largest pig fattening

BREAKING NEWS: The facility known as the largest pig breeding facility in Europe is located in Germany and was part of the Straathof group of companies.

Now the plant in Alt Tellin is burning down and with it thousands of innocent creatures! They cannot escape the flames, the heat, and the smoke and die excruciatingly in these minutes!

30.03.2021, Alt Tellin: Foto: Stefan Sauer/dpa-Zentralbild/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The former owner Straathof had received a nationwide professional ban due to numerous criminal violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
He had therefore initially sold the system to a bank holding company and this last year to a Swiss mailbox company.

Again and again, there were massive scandals in Alt Tellin: one time highly toxic sulfuric acid escaped and another time over a thousand piglets died due to defective ventilation.

The lawsuits against the approval of the facility have been delayed since 2017! A massive judicial scandal could be hiding here.
Because fire protection was presumably not guaranteed right from the start and the system should therefore never have been approved.

Now the horror that was, unfortunately, to be expected has occurred – the farm is on fire.
Like so many animal husbandry facilities before!

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