Italy and the United Kingdom ban foie gras-excellent!

The United Kingdom will ban the import of foie gras and 13 large Italian supermarkets have decided to stop selling this product, considered by the EU as harmful, due to the mistreatment it entails for animals.

While the production of foie gras is illegal in the UK as a cruel practice, the country still imports approximately 200 tonnes of the product from abroad each year.

However, after fierce campaigns by animal rights organizations, the import of foie gras to the UK will finally be banned in a new post-Brexit law.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Goldsmith has confirmed that he plans to introduce a ban on imports to the UK “in the next few months”.

Lord Goldsmith tweeted: “Foie gras is unbearable barbarism. It’s hard to imagine that anyone can see the process
and still enjoy eating it. “ Before Brexit, the UK was subject to laws that considered the product a ‘delicacy’ and integral to French cuisine.

A spokesman for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said the foie gras production “raises serious concerns.”

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