England: Big Problems for Livestock Ships Stranded In the Suez Canal. We Have Major Concerns for Animal Welfare.

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Mario Cea takes a brilliant photo…

…and gives it the name … “The Perfect Moment”

With this amazing photo of an ice diver, photographer Mario Cea won the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition (2016)

We also think the photo is fantastic! really he deserves the award!

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The cruel death of the day-old chicks


The economic interests of the poultry mafia have so far been one of these “reasonable reasons” for the brutal massacre of 45 million male chicks in hatcheries in Germany every year.

Germany produced 20 billion eggs in 2020.
A horror crowd!

To do this, over 45 million hens in Germany have to live a miserable existence in cramped, dark stables.
The ban on shredding from 2022 is an overdue step and does not change anything in the basic exploitation and suffering of chickens.

In 2019, 45.3 million male chicks were massacred in Germany.
They do not lay eggs and put on little meat.
Under this logic, it is legal male chicks brutally gas or shredded a few hours after they saw the light of day.

Producing living beings in order to kill them is the worst form of fascism.

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Italy: lambs piled up and without water- 15 thousand euros fine for drivers!

The Traffic Police, as part of the usual checks prepared by the Department of Public Safety on the occasion of the Easter holidays, ordered a halt to an articulated vehicle used for transporting animals that were carrying a large load of lambs bound for Apulia (Italy).

In the truck, lambs piled up and without water!


It happened along with the A13 Bologna – Padua motorway, on the morning of 23 March around 11.00, when the agents pulled the heavy vehicle to the side outside the Altedo (Bologna) toll booth and found that the animals transported inside the semi-trailer were piled up and without water.

When asked for clarification by the Agents, the two transporters showed signs of nervousness and impatience, so much so as to induce the Polstrada to investigate further with the help of the veterinarians of the Health Authority of Bologna USL.

After a thorough inspection, they ascertained that the animals were dehydrated because the watering system had not been previously supplied before departure.

It was also ascertained that the lambs were too crowded together so as not to have enough space to move due to the high density, as well as due to the too low height of the roof between one loading floor and the other of the semi-trailer.

After supplying the lambs with water, connecting the water system of the barracks in the Altedo Subsection to that of the vehicle complex, policemen and veterinarians put pen to paper a long series of administrative penalties for the two drivers for a total of 15,000 euros.

In the coming weeks, the Traffic Police will further intensify checks on the transport of live animals.


This video is from Animals’ Angels and it accompanies the campaign of German Animal Welfare Office: “Animal transports don’t taste good”

Translated text:According to the law, transports up to 12 hours do not need a ventilation and drinking system (!!!)
Not a drop of water at 35 degrees in the shade
Sheep are transported on three levels.
Lambs even on four.
Lambs are entitled to less than 0.2 m² of space for transport.
Sheep need 10 times the transport time to recover – should they survive the transport.
The animals suffer from hunger and are often cured before dying of thirst
You can stop animal transport
Choose plant-based alternatives to meat, milk, and eggs”.

And I mean…The reason why animals are still transported alive is simple: a refrigerated truck for meat costs more.

Significantly more sheep and lambs are transported at Easter than usual, especially in southern Europe. The conditions for the animals on the relevant routes are mostly miserable.

Most trucks load up to 800 animals, which is not uncommon.

The more “goods” the more money.
In this way, the transporters increase their profit – at the expense and suffering of the animals.

Because they are usually loaded on four floors, the lambs hit the ceiling with their heads.
That is not allowed, but who controls it?

In addition, they cannot lie and rest at the same time, run the risk of being trampled on by the other animals or have difficulty or no access to the water troughs.
If there is.
If this is not the case, as, in our present one, there are penalties.

A big THANK YOU to the Italian police.
They did nothing but their duty, namely to control the transport of animals and if there are sinners, punish them.

Sheep rescued from the capsized “Queen Hind”

This world would really have been a bit more bearable for the animals if everyone had done their job right and conscientious.

My best regards to all, Venus