Germany is Absurdistan!

A few days ago is an article in the German newspaper “Tagesspiegel” appeared “When animal welfare becomes a problem: why this farmer has to kill his pigs …” Against this article is written a very accurate criticism from the blog “Pig Live”.
Here’s the criticism:

“200 new victims? Oh, they’re just pigs …

As is well known, African swine fever (ASF) reached Germany in September 2020.

The outbreak so far affects the east part of our (banana) Republic and the victims are all wild boars.

Until now.

On March 12th In all likelihood, around 200 domestic pigs will have to go under the number of victims.
Animals that are not sick at all.
But: they live with one of the few farmers in this country who keeps pigs free.

That alone is a rarity because Germany packs millions of pigs into the tightest concrete stables.
Stables that would never do justice to the word. Because they are industrial plants.

Behind this is the highly industrialized pork industry, which has a big stone on the board with our politicians.

The outbreak of African swine fever caused exports to collapse.
An important pillar of an industry that has been producing and murdering more and more pigs for years, although pork consumption in Germany has been declining for decades.

In addition, there was congestion caused by Corona.
They could no longer murder the pigs “promptly” and “just in time”. Even more animal suffering and misery were and are the result.

But as long as one can make plenty of money elsewhere, as the Tönnies case shows, killing animals, this important pillar of our society must be maintained.

Pigs for China, the Philippines, and elsewhere. Cheers to our government’s agricultural policy

Farmer Staar’s 200 pigs are actually lucky.
They have at least one life that the 56 million other pigs in Germany would never have had.

Instead of 0.75m² of concrete, they can dig into the real ground and see the sun.
Enjoy the fresh air.

But now they are being murdered on the altar of the necessary pork export for no reason.

Because: Free-range farms are subject to approval in Germany and are subject to absurd regulations.
Which in the end should only ensure one thing: pigs belong in the barn. Basta!!

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