Spain: Live Export Animals to be Slaughtered 2/3/21.

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Spain: Live Export Latest 1/3/21 – Animals Being Unloaded for Slaughter, Probably 2/3/21. – World Animals Voice

England: Vegan Bites 1/3/21.

England: Vegan Bites 1/3/21. – World Animals Voice

a dangerous friendship?

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Turkey: two pit bulls rescued from kill “Shelter”!

Received anonymously via Frentedeliberacionanimal-North American Animal Liberation Press Office



This emotional footage shows only a couple of minutes of a dangerous rescue mission.
Our ALF member in Turkey, at a secret location, secretly goes into a shelter and rescues these 2 banned breed- dogs at night.

This mother and daughter have been abandoned at a shelter and they would have to spend their lives there due to the laws in Turkey.

Living on cold concrete, eating, sleeping, peeing, and pooping in the same 5-meter square cage.

And one day possibly being secretly put to sleep.
We have taken these girls onto a freedom ride and they are at a safe location now living happily with a family.

These dog breeds are the most abused, sold, pushed into fights, made pregnantly, ears and tails cut off.


Bu duygusal görüntü, tehlikeli bir kurtarma görevinin yalnızca birkaç dakikasını gösteriyor.

Türkiye’deki ALF üyemiz gizli bir yerde gizlice bir barınağa giriyor vegece bu 2 ‘yasaklı cins’ köpeği kurtarıyor.

Bu anne ve kızı bir barınağa terk edildi ve Türkiye’deki yasalar nedeniyle hayatlarını orada geçirmek zorunda kalacaklardı.
Aynı 5 meterkarelik kafeste soğuk beton üzerinde yaşamak, yemek yemek, uyumak, işemek ve kaka yapmak. Ve bir gün muhtemelen gizlice uyutulmak.
Bu kızları bir özgürlük yolculuğuna çıkardık ve şimdi bir aileyle mutlu bir şekilde yaşıyorlar.

Bu köpek ırkları en çok istismara uğrayan, satılan, kavgaya itilen, hamile bırakılan, kulakları ve kuyrukları kesilen köpeklerdir.

We can imagine how happy they both feel in their freedom.

We thank the Turkish activists, on behalf of the mother and her daughter.

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South Korea: Latest Newsletter – With Actions.

Korean Dogs – the dog meat business.


Read the latest newsletter, complete with many actions, by visiting



Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) is trying to rescue dogs from two illegal dog farms in Gimpo, South Korea. These dogs were left alone to survive on completely rotten and molded food waste that appears to be at least 10 – 20 days old. Scattered among the living dogs were the bodies of those that had already died.

CARE came with another dog rescue group You Sachun but the farm owner is nowhere to be found.   CARE had received an agreement from one of the dog farms that they would relinquish their dogs yesterday, but the second farm is the one with even more dogs trying to survive in even more horrific conditions, and there is no relinquish agreement with that farm owner.

If not rescued soon, it is unknown how long these dogs can survive. This dog farm is no better than a grave for the dogs; these poor animals are so desperate they cried out when they saw the CARE rescuers, begging to be saved. It’s suspected that dogs at some government shelters, instead of being euthanized, were illegally brought here.

There are all kinds of dogs here including the dogs who had vocal cord removal surgery.   Despite the request for help, the City of Gimpo and the Gyeonggi-do Special Police never showed up. CARE and You Sachun will use all means possible to save the dogs. They are asking us to file a protest with the city of Gimpo and Gyeonggi-do province to help with the removal of these dogs from this dog farm. There are about 60 dogs to be rescued and CARE and You Sachun will try to rescue all of them, provide medical care, and find homes for them.

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USA: After pork giant was exposed for cruel killings, the FBI pursued its critics.

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‘One mans terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter’

“A particularly brutal process called “ventilation shutdown,” or VSD. Workers sealed off airways while pumping steam into the barns, intensifying the heat — over the course of many hours — to the point at which the pigs died from suffocation and/or hyperthermia”.

After pork giant was exposed for cruel killings, the FBI pursued its critics

MARCH 1, 2021

Source The Intercept: “…making it quite possible that some pigs survived, and are therefore buried alive or crushed by the bulldozers that haul away the corpses.”

Let’s be clear: all animal slaughter is inherently abusive and cruel and causes fear and suffering regardless of how humans, who will never be subjected to the same violent fate, define it. Those who are horrified by ventilation shutdown yet not “commonly accepted” forms of slaughter are actually just using one form of cruelty to justify another.

Please visit HERE to learn of the violence inherent in the animal exploitation industry regardless of how you define such, and before you reject footage as “the exception” (it’s not) or based on vegan “propaganda” (versus nothing provided by the animal exploiters) just remember: the “animal agriculture industry” relies on and actively pursues consumer ignorance, willful or not, and DO NOT release their own footage. Ask yourself why that is: if they are humane, they can prove it, but are unable to, and rather than use funds supporting “humane treatment” they use money to hide their deception, cruelty, greed, and intentional participation in abject suffering. That is why you will never see the an-ag industry actually demonstrate “humane treatment” before or during the killing; they instead hide the barbarism and focus on those who are exposing it.

Who’s the terrorist? SL

Source The Intercept

By Lee Fang

Last June, Noel Williams, the chief operations officer of Iowa Select Farms, a powerful pork company and the largest in Iowa, pulled into the parking lot of an empty housing complex typically used for the firm’s immigrant workforce.

He was there to transport Lucas Walker, a former truck driver for Iowa Select, to a meeting with Nick Potratz, an FBI agent from the Des Moines office of the bureau. That’s according to Walker, who had recently tried to report Iowa Select, his former employer, for mistreating animals. After The Intercept published leaked video of pigs being killed off en masse, Walker came under scrutiny.

Now, the FBI had a favor to ask: Would Walker become an informant? More specifically, they wanted him to help in an effort to investigate and undermine an activist group that had become a thorn in Iowa Select’s side. They even asked if he’d be willing to sell drugs.

The saga that brought him into contact with the FBI began when the 26-year-old grew frustrated with his former employer, Iowa Select, which is headquartered in his hometown of Iowa Falls. Walker thought the company was blatantly disregarding state “double stocking” rules, which limit the size and number of pigs that are held in an intensive animal feeding facility, letting overweight pigs crowd into pens far too small to hold them.

He was tired of what he saw as frequent rule-breaking and disregard for the well-being of the tens of thousands of hogs raised by Iowa Select. The company, in his view, seemed hellbent on expansion and profits, leading to rampant overcrowding and water pollution. That rapid expansion led to the annual production of 1.5 billion pounds of pork a year, a global leader before the pandemic. The novel coronavirus, however, closed regional slaughterhouses, creating a glut of pigs.

He decided to speak out and called state regulators.

Walker doesn’t fit the profile of an animal rights activist. The central Iowa-raised truck driver, who jokingly refers to himself as corn-fed with beer running through his veins, is a fervent Trump and NRA supporter who has spent years working in the state’s maze of hog production facilities. He describes himself as independent-minded with libertarian instincts, with a bit of a contrarian side suspicious of organized power.

“I’m not necessarily animal rights by any means,” said Walker in an interview with The Intercept. “I have a cattle herd — small calf herd — and my wife and myself have some free-range pigs ourselves.”

“It was a moral issue at the heart of it. … I’m the kind of person who knows right from wrong. It was a principled thing.”

Iowa’s Department of Natural Resources, the local farm regulator, Walker felt, did not seem to care about his concerns over the phone or show any interest in enforcement on a company like Iowa Select. Iowa, followed by North Carolina and Minnesota, is the largest pork-producing state in the country and infamously deferential to industry. Iowa officials have faced criticism for failing to regulate concentrated pork facilities for water pollution and poor animal welfare standards.

Jeff Hansen, the founder of Iowa Select, built the pork powerhouse first as a salesman, helping distribute modern farrowing crates, automatic feeders, and other livestock equipment to other pig farmers in the state. He built two companies at once: a turnkey construction firm known as Modern Hog Concepts, which helped farmers upgrade their barns into modern factory farms, and Iowa Select, which raised pigs for slaughter.

Along the way, as he grew his business empire, Hansen built close connections with Iowa’s political elite. In 1994, during a cycle in which Hansen was one of the largest campaign contributors to then-Gov. Terry Branstad, he had set aside employee money for campaign contributions to local Republicans. The resulting scandal forced lawmakers to return campaign funds to Iowa Select, but the company continued to grow.

The owners of Iowa Select, Jeff and his wife Debra Hansen, are still among the largest campaign contributors in the state, and close to Gov. Kim Reynolds. A recent donation of $50,000 brought the total the couple has donated to the governor to nearly $300,000.

The governor has maintained cozy ties to Iowa Select. Shortly after her election in 2018, Reynolds volunteered to auction off her time as a gift to the Hansen family foundation. In the early days of the pandemic, her administration arranged a Covid-19 testing site at a corporate office used by white-collar Iowa Select employees and foundation employees, raising concerns with one Polk County supervisor of special treatment for the campaign donor.

And Kayla Lyon, who Reynolds appointed to run the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, which inspects hog farms for compliance with animal welfare and environmental rules, is a former dairy industry official and agribusiness lobbyist. Lyon, in her previous capacity as an influence peddler in Des Moines, had worked to pass the 2012 “ag gag” law that criminalized recording at farm facilities, according to lobbyist disclosures. Lyon lobbied at a time when Iowa Select’s lobbyists in Des Moines pushed for the bill, records show.

The impetus for that bill, which was designed to criminally prosecute whistleblowers at factory farming operations, also started in part with Iowa Select. The year before the bill was signed into law, an animal rights activist group, Mercy for Animals, released an undercover video that showed Iowa Select workers ripping the testicles from conscious piglets, removing tails with dull clippers, and scores of sows in small confinement cages, appearing to suffer from untreated sores and other wounds.

The law, though later overturned by a federal court, was the first of its kind and rapidly inspired copycat legislation across the country.

Walker’s failed attempts to reach regulators, to report overcrowding in Iowa Select facilities, didn’t surprise him. “The DNR wasn’t very interested in talking about it,” said Walker. “They’re too big to be regulated.”

“There have been no recent enforcement actions against Iowa Select Farms. Nor are we aware of any complaints or allegations made to the DNR,” Alex Murphy, a spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, said in an email to The Intercept.

Walker, aware that he had few outlets for help, turned to the internet to research whistleblowing resources for factory farms. That’s how he found Direct Action Everywhere, the Berkeley, California-based group that has worked to expose the shocking treatment of animals in factory farms.

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Animal transports: “there are corrupt and illegal machinations here”!

Last year it was revealed that the partially existing bans on high-risk animal transports were deliberately circumvented because individual authorities and veterinarians nonetheless issued permits and specific bypass trips were taking place within Germany.

Knowing that the animals will be transported to Central Asia or North Africa under horrible conditions!

These regions are defined as “animal welfare high-risk states” because there are no EU standards for handling animals. Several federal states reacted at the time and initially prohibited all transports.

Because if a country does not comply with EU standards, no transports are allowed there.

Now the editors of Panorama, Mittagsmagazin, and RBB report that even after the discoveries at the time, the transports to non-EU countries, which are regarded as illegal, continue to take place.
Animal welfare standards are apparently deliberately not implemented!

The requirements are thus deliberately disregarded and the governments deliberately left regulatory patchwork carpets – some speak of “loopholes”, but many states that there are corrupt and illegal machinations here.

The requirements are thus deliberately disregarded and the governments deliberately left regulatory patchwork carpets – some speak of “loopholes”, but many states that there are corrupt and illegal machinations here.

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