Environmental terrorism

The environmental terrorism of the human species in all its splendor.

The Nuremberg trial around 1945 was against the main war criminals. Twelve criminals were sentenced to death

We need another Nuremberg Trial.
Unscrupulous criminals are waging a devastating war today.
Against people, nature, and animals.
It’s about environmental terrorism, one of the worst crimes in human history.
That deserves the highest penalty

regards and good night, Venus


Between Hunters and Foxes-an exellent animation film

On 16th February Melbourne Hunt Sabs released their highly anticipated short animation titled ‘Between Hunters and Foxes’.

It is a gripping and compelling piece that documents not only the birth of fox hunting in Australia but highlights the brave work of saboteurs who disrupt the hunts and save wildlife.

Directed and produced by London-based animator Ben Sinclair, it has received much-deserved recognition with it being chosen as one of Animalis Fabula’s animation short selections, scoring an impressive judge’s aggregate score of 9.4 out of 10.

Well done, very good Work!!
Thank you Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs, you are amazing!
we show solidarity with you!

My best regards to all, Venus


France: the heart of a secretive and cruel ape trade

“One Voice” has seen information according to which more than a thousand long-tailed macaques have been imported year after year and forwarded to our neighbors elsewhere in Europe.

For many years France has been, via the ‘Silabe Platform’ (near Strasbourg), a staging post for – and moreover a place for experiments on – thousands of primates from Mauritius and Vietnam en route to laboratories in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Italy, such as Accelera, Aptuit, Bayer AG, Covance and Merck, where they spend the rest of their sad lives subjected to experiments.

According to the research of the association“One Voice”, France is the hub for the international monkey trade and the heart of a secretive and cruel trade.

“Silabe” stands for Simian Laboratory Europe and was originally founded as a private company that benefited from government funds.

“Silabe” has already been at the heart of controversies, revelations, demonstrations, and campaigns, in particular by other French associations, which had found themselves up against a brick wall.

It is now part of the University of Strasbourg and takes the form of a national public educational establishment of a scientific, cultural, and professional nature (!!!)

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