The problem is not the individual animal exploiter but the millions of convinced animal exploiters who decide under the fascist privilege of the human race about the life and dignity of an animal.

The devaluation of animals is really so bizarre that it is beyond your imagination.

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“Elitdog” Slovakia! Puppy trade = death trade!

Report from the Austrian blog

In autumn 2020 we were on the road together with the Robin Hood” association ( in Slovakia;

The aim of the company was to find a company that apparently operates an active puppy trade.
We noticed the company because of a gaudy website – a serious-looking homepage, then also very professionally made, namely promises great dog luck!

But it immediately catches the eye – this is where the high-level business is done.

From the Akita Inu to the West Highland Terrier, there are all conceivable dog breeds available to order, the animal children are even delivered directly to the house.

The prices for a young life, from 700 euros upwards plus 300 euros for delivery, are relatively high for Eastern conditions (should also represent a ‘quality feature’) but are still only a fraction of those that would have to be paid at the breeder’s site.

In any case, Elitdog – that’s what the soul trader calls itself – is popular and undoubtedly enjoys high earnings.
The fact that these are at the expense of other living beings is, of course, at best a side note of the story for the operators.

The Slovak village, in which the animal traders are based, looks shaken by existence; small single-family houses are lined up, a clear town center is not recognizable.
No structure, prosperity has taken a break.

The “big, wide world” happens elsewhere, a life apart from the stream of history.

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