Various News Articles.

‘Lost’ sheep found after 4 years – watch the transformation as it sheds 35Kilos of wool.

Australia: ‘Lost’ Sheep Found After 4 Years – Shedding 35 Kilos of Fleece and Given A Makeover. Bet That Feels Better ! – World Animals Voice

The latest super animal rescues from @’nimal Aid Unlimited’ India.

Watch the videos by clicking on this link:

India: 21/3/21 – Latest Super Rescues and Recoveries From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. – World Animals Voice

Petition – Teen Faces Charges for Creating Horrific Crush Videos.

Sign and demand the maximum punshment; go to:

USA: Petition – Teen Faces Federal Charges For Creating Horrific ‘Crush’ Videos Of Tortured Cats And Dogs – Animal Victory. Please Sign for Maximum Punishment. – World Animals Voice

Utah becomes 8th state to prohibit cages for egg laying hens.

USA: Utah Becomes Eighth State to Prohibit Cages for Egg-Laying Hens. – World Animals Voice

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