This is how meat production works in Germany

Press release:
-Systematic shafts uncovered /

-German slaughterhouse tortures animals to death /

-North Rhine-Westphalia authorities fail to protect animals

SOKO animal welfare investigators can use current images from the last few weeks to prove that animals were systematically slaughtered in full consciousness at the Prott meat center in Selm North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) on every slaughter day.

“The sheep were brutally slashed and thrown into a heap, cattle fought for their lives bleeding and dangling from chains and roared in pain,” says SOKO animal welfare investigator Friedrich Mülln, describing the situation.

The authorities had been warned for almost 20 years and failed to stop the shafts.

(The video is in German, but a detailed explanation of what you see is already in the report)

The shaft of animals is illegal in Germany and only possible under very strict conditions in exceptional cases.
However, there are no special permits in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Prott slaughterhouse, which is run by Germans, on the other hand, has specialized in slaughtering without anesthesia (!!!)

There are also other violations of the law and atrocities: animals have to spend the whole night in the blood-smeared killing box and are woken up in the morning with electric shocks, collapsed due to lack of water and exhaustion.
The hygienic conditions are catastrophic.

In one scene, a butcher draws blood from the dirty floor of the killing box into a bucket, presumably for further processing.
What is noticeable is what you cannot see: The veterinary inspection, which is mandatory for companies of this size, does not seem to take place.

No inspectors can be seen on the 24/7 images.

A live inspection apparently did not take place and then the meat should have been discarded.

Research shows that the authorities have known about shafts in the company for almost 20 years and have been repeatedly informed about these atrocities.

The authorities failed all along the line and to an extent that we believe is punishable.

Even at night, the business is full of shreds of flesh and blood.
There are disgusting and health-endangering conditions.

“Since the Unna veterinary office is now claiming that all slaughtering took place under official control and with anesthesia, the only question that remains is whether total incompetence or bribery is involved. This veterinary office needs to be cleaned up!” Said the SOKO spokesman.

According to internal documents, the animals come from TönniesBeef, among others, and come from all over Germany, even from distant Bavaria.

Customers included butchers and supermarkets throughout the region as well as citizens who bought directly from the farm.

On March 18th, 2021, a few hours after the last video recordings were filmed, “SOKO Animal welfare Association” filed a criminal complaint and handed over the evidence to the public prosecutor, the police, and the ministry.

“Unfortunately, despite repeated appeals, the authorities only acted ten hours later in the evening, which meant the terrible death in the shaft for other animals. That is a crashing failure of the Unna Veterinary Office and the LANUV (Ministry) because the incredible conditions were obvious and well known.

“The responsible veterinarians belong just as much in court as the responsible butchers and should be punished with all severity”, demands the SOKO animal welfare spokesman.

The Prott slaughterhouse is the eleventh German abattoir that “SOKO Animal welfare Association” uncovered.

Nine had to be closed.

This shows that the German control of slaughterhouses is characterized by a total failure, at the expense of animals suffering agonies and also of people whose health is endangered.

“SOKO Animal welfare Association” sees a solution only in turning away from the completely unleashed animal exploitation with all its catastrophic consequences for earth, humans, and animals.

Press contact: SOKO Tierschutz e.V.

(Photos: SOKO Animal protection association)

And I mean…The judgment alone, …shafts in Germany is only possible in exceptional cases … is a scandal.
For what reason do Muslims and Jews stand above the law?

The operator knows nothing, although he is present at the slaughtering, and the ministry does not know anything either, although it carries out regular checks.
The only thing missing now is investigations that are discontinued for insufficient reasons and the picture of a corrupt system is complete.

My best regards to all, Venus


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