Australia: ***Japanese Dolphin Killing*** – Shire of Broom Votes to Suspend Sister-City Links With Japanese Over Dolphin Killings at Taiji





**Update ** – Please see our previous post on this issue:

Well now there is some really great news; from Animals Australia.


We support the request by AA that supporters write a short email to Broome Shire Council, thanking them for making this important decision:



I have wonderful news to share with you!

After being inundated with emails from Animals Australia supporters and mounting international pressure, the Shire of Broome held an emergency meeting and decided to suspend its sister-city relationship with the Japanese dolphin killing town Taiji.

The move by Broome sends a strong message to Japan that the international community strongly opposes the slaughter of 23,000 dolphins in Japan each year.

Please join me in writing a short email to Broome Shire Council, thanking them for making this important decision:

Whilst Broome’s decision adds significant international pressure on Japan to end the slaughter, unfortunately it does not mean that Japan will immediately cease the dolphin kill.

The fight to save these dolphins is not over yet. If you can spare two minutes today, please click here for a few more key ways you can help us to end the senseless slaughter of these gentle and intelligent animals.

On behalf of dolphins and all animals, thank you.

Glenys Oogjes
Executive Director, Animals Australia

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