Serbia: Subotica City Authorities Play VERY Dirty System Tricks to Deny Having to Care for Strays at Shelter – Owner Told to Pay ALL Costs (Herself) for Strays Welfare or the Dogs Could be Taken and Killed

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Mrs Matilda Seker,

Mrs. Usumovic Davcik Masrija

Mayor of Subotica, Mr. Sasa Vucinic,

Mr Sasa Dragin- Minister of Agriculture

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Slavica from EPAR shelter is having very big problems with the Subotica city authorities – a self appointed authority to determine what is done to stray animals in the city. SEE LINKS ABOVE for more information.

Veterinary inspectors have demanded that Slavica must have all the (stray) dogs which Slavica cares for at EPAR shelter microchipped. 

The authorities have logged Slavica’s name on the city database as being the ‘owner’ of all the dogs; even though everything she has at EPAR shelter is an animal saved from the streets and certain death.

Because her name has been put onto the central register, Slavica has been recorded as the ‘owner’ of  all the dogs.  Because of this, Slavica is obligated to pay for the care of all the dogs at EPAR shelter out of her own money; even though she has taken the street dogs of Subotica City and saved them.  The city authorities are denying that the dogs at EPAR shelter are anything to do with their financial responsibility.  Instead, they have set up the database to show that Slavica is the ‘owner’ of the stray dogs, and as the owner she is responsible for paying for all their needs; removing any responsibility from the city authorities.

When Slavica met with the Subotica authorities last week to discuss the situation, the authorities informed her that only she, as the ‘owner’, has an obligation to pay for the care of the dogs at the shelter.  By making Slavica microchip every dog at the shelter, they can now record her name on the database as the owner of the dogs.  Thus the city (authorities) have no obligation to care for them.  The authorities were very rude to Slavica at the meeting.

Slavica knows that she is not the legal owner of the dogs; they are just at her shelter being cared for – they are strays.  But if she hands any of the dogs over to the authorities then they will kill them as the city authority is very keen at breaking the Serbian law and killing animals.

The authorities are playing a very sick, dirty and non legal game.

This is what Slavica has to say in her very own words about the situation –the text is un-edited and comes directly from Slavica:


This is their very perfide  and very  danger  dirty game. 

Vet inspectors have demand microchiping and vaccination all dogs or I will be punished because keeping  unmarked  dogs .I did do  and have pay .

By that way all marked dogs are under my name in Central Register of  dogs of Serbia. There are  a few who are not marked yet for now, because they ask more money and I had not . 

Now Director of vet department of Serbia , mr. Micovic  said  that I must pay all  for  care in all these  years in past and now , for everything what  was and will be  because I am owner of place  and of objects at the shelter – although I am only donator and fighter for these dog rights to live .

Mrs Matilda Seker – Chief of  Comumal Department of Subotica  and Maria Usumovic-Davcik ( there was present Adrijana Nadj our activist  too )said on meeting on 20-th August 2010., that  I must pay  everything for  keeping and  for everyhting for care dogs because I am owner because  so write in Central Register  and like  an owner  I have obligation  finance everything – But in other hand  , said mrs Matilda Seker , by new  Demand of  Comunity Subotica  – it is  in form of  Plan  for now, every owner  could  keeps only 2 dogs  and by that way  maybe I will be punished  because I have more then 2,and dogs will be killed by humane euthanasia – those 4 member Commision will make  lists for euthanasia ,  except 2 ,because I have more then 2, but  it will be  permited only 2.

By this way republic and local authorities violate animal  rights and  our human rights- they have plan kill animals and  they think that I will feel fear of them and  say ok  I will give dogs to shinters, please  just don`t punish me  – but I never will do  that .

Difference between these 2  is only  in fact that they couldn`t kill me – only punish me , but  they could kill dogs- they could ask  police assitance  if I  will not  collaborate  and if I don`t want give them dogs ,but by that way they will kill me indirectly, because I prefer  to do suicide in front of them , than give the dogs to the shinters –  because  if I give dogs to shinters by that way I  will  throw out  all dogs life and  throw out all my life mission too.

And If I be not able defend  these animals then my life is nothing and I am nothing and nobody .

After meeting ,I  have contact Ombudsman for human rights of Republic of Serbia and I told him all , he said me that it is correct that my human rights are violated, but  I must respect procedure and  like a first step I must go to Subotica`s Ombudsman for human rights – mr Zlatko Marasiuk  , and if he  do nothing then it would be necessary  that I  contact republic ombudsman, mr Jankovic”.


Currently, Slavica is going to present her information to the European Court – a process and system that she has been working with for a while now.  The court has asked Slavica to provide them with any new information when it happens.  This abuse of animal and human rights by the Subotica City authorities is very much an example of the corrupt systems which are happening in Serbia.

Slavica is now fighting for the lives of all the animals at EPAR shelter because the city authorities have corrupted the system to make her the ‘owner’ of street strays she has in her care.

Now we see what the European court will do from the evidence provided by Slavica.

One thing that could be said is that by these actions, Serbia is certainly not worthy of becoming a member state of the EU !

If you can help Slavica and the EPAR dogs with a donation:

lease use the following for any donations to EPAR shelter:

One of the best and cheapest ways to send money donations internationally is by Western Union. 

Transfer costs vary and are worked out simply depending on the amount of the donation – you only pay more if you donate larger quantities. 

In most countries donations can be done on line, by telephone, or visiting a local agent. 

Please look at the web site for further info:

For direct donations, the following EPAR account in Hungary should be used as a preference to Serbian accounts:

OTP Bank


Klauzal ter,5


Account number : 11775355-37518886


Address : Subotica 24000,Matka Vukovica, 9

IBAN : HU31117753553751888600000000



This way is the best, because in this way  tax for money transfer is  very low and it is not needed to pay tax to Serbian authorities who have done nothing for dogs, but ask high tax for donations.

Thank You so very much and

best regards

Slavica Mazak Beslic.


SAV Comment

Does anyone know of legal people who can give free help and advice to Slavica to fight this case better ?

Please help  if you are able.

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