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With regard to what we say below; please see here the beautiful wildlife pictures taken within Serbia by Zoran – check out his site and photos at:

We are going to repeat one picture here as we just love this little guy !


Wildlife is there as the photos show – it just needs a government to climb aboard, accept this is the way in future to go and then promote it to the worlds tourists !!

Now is this not a much better way to ‘shoot’ wildlife rather than with a hunters gun ??

This is the route that Serbian politicians should be looking to go down for future investment in their country; not their current policy of staying with and promoting hunting

– we have shown the results of this unfortunately on many recent posts.  SAV.


We are in the final stages now of the compilation of our small initial report to the EU regarding the lack of Serbian animal welfare legislation enforcement.  Serbia has some very good animal welfare legislation; but as you can see from our recent posts relating to bird hunting alone, action is never taken by the authorities to uphold and enforce the law.

Enforcement of the law is only as good as the law itself and the people who are supposed to enforce it ! – ie the police and government ministry’s.

Our reports, which we think will be many; will each deal with a specific area of Serbian animal welfare.  This first report will be a general overview of some of the main topics we will be covering.

Serbia is a country with a very diverse eco system – it has some wonderful natural places and also a very wide range of animals and birds.  The recent massive international outrage directed at the killer of Cecil the lion now really shows just how much hunters are hated internationally.


rafting 3


We ask the question why people want to shoot wildlife with a gun when they can shoot it with a camera ? – effectively; by doing the first, you kill the animal and damage an often very sensitive ecosystem.  By doing the second you get tourism into the country; people experience the beauty of the wildlife and they spend their money on food, hotels, tours etc.  Most sensible people will not pay to go somewhere to kill beautiful animals; but they are prepared to pay and go somewhere to see the animals that live and survive in any region.

With this is mind we are also looking at giving out further information on the wonderful wildlife that can be seen and photographed in Serbia.  This initiative is in its very early stages, but we will try and work on it more.

Most folk do not want to be known as ‘hunter / killer’ tourists; but they are prepared to be known simply as ‘tourists’; watching and photographing wildlife and the natural environment; shooting only with a camera, and not with a gun or crossbow.

Maybe you can help us by responding to the simple poll – this could be completed and it will give us and the Serbian government some idea of the feeling of people who may decide to visit or not visit Serbia.


This poll will initially be open for ONE WEEK; your views and responses are very welcome.





Serbia: More Illegal Hunting – And ‘Rule Of Law’ Failures.

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MWV1.3 0

Hi Mark ,

I continue with cases : Turtle dove, massacre, North of Serbia, hunting clubs Jazovo.

Display hunting turtle doves in the North of Vojvodina, near by Kikinda, hunting clubs Jazovo who preyed upon the special nature reserves – “Pastures of great bustard”, in a zone of the reserve, where hunting is forbidden by law to the Decree of the Government of Republic of Serbia on the Protection of Special Nature Reserve, “Pastures of great bustard” Mokrin (Official Gazette of RS No.37 / 97).

The first hunt for which we filed the charge took place 26.08.2010. That same day in the evening, a large flock of turtle doves in migration were attempting to land to feed in the fields of sunflowers, get watered and then move to lands on sleeping in a nearby small forest, which is planted for this purpose.

They were chased and the Italian hunters and a few local hunters took lots of them.  For those few hours, in a desperate flocks of turtle doves to feed, water and rest, hunters, according to a report of the hunting inspector killed 420 birds.

MWV1.3 0

It was dark, and many did not see anything; they were not picked up, the dozens of dead birds; and several dozen left wounded on the ground to die overnight.

After the hunt , our associate who lives on the reservation, Joca Jančić, went to the place  and saw a horrible scene, the field was covered with corpses of the birds and he also saw  many wounded turtle doves that had dragged themselves around after being shot, at least 40 – 50 birds.  Several turtle doves who were less injured were picked up and taken home to recuperate from the stress of what they had endured.  Unfortunately only one of those rescued and taken away survived, the poison of the hunters lead in the bullets / shot which is absorbed by the blood causing a slow and suffering death. The one dove which survived eventually recovered after about 3 weeks and then was freed to continue its migration because they are smaller flocks that fly further South.

MWV1.3 0


MWV1.3 0

MWV1.3 0

The Hunting inspector who acted according to our report wrote that hunters killed 420 turtle doves and they themselves determine that they can kill 500, so for her it was all right / ok. The fact that they were hunting in a prohibited place was not even considered, so nothing further was done regarding this at all – nothing !

From that whole flocks of doves undertaking a migratory flight, only one survived.  A few photos from the scene (and shown here – SAV) show exactly what it looked like. Total shock, our correspondent managed to make a few pictures, the rest of the time was looking for birds in better condition / who were still alive to try to save them. Most were already dead or were facing death due to being shot but not killed by the hunters.

MWV1.3 0

We have a record of hunting inspector on the hunt, but he is archived, and if need be I will find him.

The next year, hunting association Jazovo again organized hunting turtle doves in the same place on 2 occasions; 41 turtle doves were killed during the first hunt on 24.08.2011, and they killed 84 turtle dove on the second hunt. The hunting and mass killings were again undertaken in a place which according to the Serbian law is prohibited for hunting.

MWV1.3 0

We have submitted the application for the other hunt of 27.08.2011.  This was interrupted because the reserve guard, who was an associate of us, watched the hunting and reported it immediately, he called the police etc.  The guard reserve, Zeljko Reljin, his report is shown at the end of this post, was fired from his work and he does not work any more as guardian of the reserve.

This is the corruption of the system – a reserve guard reports illegal activity by the hunters and he is the one who ends up losing his job whilst the hunting continues !

The report of the hunting inspector is also attached of the hunt from 2011, where you can see that for her it is all OK. It reports the guardian and pretends that he did not know that any hunting, including hunting turtle  doves banned in A zone of the reserve called great bustard..

Then we filed a complaint about the work of the hunting inspector Ljiljana Bucalo Latinovic. In her record, according to the Italians, they issued receipt for turtle doves that were killed, birds officially according to EU law they can not take out of Serbia but were somehow presented.

After high alert about hunting turtle doves, 2012. Hunting was prohibited in the reserve, but the migratory birds were hunted elsewhere.  This time, the flocks of doves migrating were smaller and smaller.

Thus, as described here, so being hunted turtle dove and quail  everywhere in Serbia. Everything else is a lie.

Below is the complaint about the work of the hunting inspector, and we have since back to 2010.all the papers, just all in very large archives, and as I said, if you need,  to find them  and scan for SAV, we can find.

In the next sending I’ll find some case of quail hunting with decoys, or bird hunting nets. All this is happening now, as I write this, throughout Serbia. We have a lot of information about the poaching received from associates but it is difficult to arrive everywhere at the right time.

 Zapisnik lovne insp. br.104-037-416-2011-05 od 15.09.2011. lov grlica u srp velika droplja, str.1

vesna 4 23

vesna 1 23

vesna 2 23

Regards V.

SAV comment:

Serbian authorities are not enforcing the rule of law as required for new EU membership nations.  You do not fire a park / reserve ranger who reports hunters undertaking their blood lust in illegal no hunt areas; but the authorities appear to think this is ok; no doubt in conjunction with the hunts.

We are in the final stages now of our first report to the EU, which will cover several issues including all our hunting information.  We will show the EU Parliament and Commission that Serbia is NOT enforcing the rule of law and as such is not worthy of EU membership.  If Serbia wants to join the EU, then it has to stop all this government / authority / hunter / police corruption and start to show that they are actually prosecuting people for events which deserve it.

This is just the very start – Serbia is in for one big shock if it even becomes a member of the EU in future.   EU animal welfare organisations, who are very strong in Europe, will go ballistic at the current events; and they will be head hunting all those in authority.  It has been done in Romania, it will be done in Serbia.

People who call themselves ‘politicians’ and who may consider themselves immune from prosecution will have a change of face the day Serbia joins the EU.  Those who currently turn a blind eye to the undertakings of the hunters, including the police; will themselves be hunted and prosecuted through the EU by the EU animal welfare movement. 

Not a possibility, but a promise !!


Serbia: Serbian Police Do NOT Enforce The Rule Of Law AsRequired By The EU Commission. Why Does The EU Turn A Blind Eye Whilst Giving Serbia Millions Of Euros ???

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We have now formally sent our latest post (including links to our 2 earlier posts on bird hunting to the EU Enlargement Commission.  Here is the latest link dated 18/8.

The EU read receipt is as follows:

Your message 

Subject: EU fails EU citizens on Serbia
Sent: 19 August 2015 14:16:03 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

was read on 19 August 2015 16:19:28 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

So now we are formally recording all the information and photographs onto this site so that we have evidence and proof that things have been published; and we can then go back to the EU Parliament (MEP’s) and ask what actually is the EU Enlargement Commission doing in Serbia apart from handing them millions and millions of EU taxpayers money, with, certainly in the case of animal welfare; very little to show in return.

We are EU citizens (UK, Austria etc) and we request action from the Enlargement Commission regarding the ‘rule of law’ enforcement by / in Serbia.

Look please at the following report of today – 19/8/15.

What are the Serbian police doing ? – are they not upholders of the Serbian laws ? – and yet with regard animal welfare issues they always appear to turn the other way.

And the EU dictates that all new member states seeking EU membership must be seen to enforce the ‘rule of law’  – are we wrong or is this what the EU says ? – check it out on the following:

We ask – ‘where is the (EU) rule of law being enforced in Serbia if even the  Serbian police (supposed upholders of the law ?) do NOT appear to be capable based on the evidence we present ?’ – this leads one to think that Serbia is NOT enforcing its own rules of law / legislation; and so is NOT a worthy contender for EU membership; despite the EU Enlargement Commission handing over million upon million of EU taxpaying citizens money !! – what an enormous joke !

So here following is the latest news about the bird issue from today (19/8/2015); which again we are formally recording as a post on this site, and which will form a series to be presented to the EU Members of Parliament (MEP’s) when they return in September.

As for the Enlargement Commission; ?? – will they carry on being like the Serbian police – turning a blind eye to all the evidence presented ?


Hi Mark,                                                          19/8/2015.

Before moving on excessive harvesting of birds, there is still illegal ways of catching wild birds.

In this case, the capture of prohibited tools, sticks coated with glue, cages with live birds as bait, decoys that have voice other birds, capturing birds in order to sell …. everything is forbidden by both national laws and International Conventions to which Serbia has accepted, signed and have been ratified in the Serbian parliament, the law on accepting the Berne, Bonn, CITES Conventions, the Directive on the protection of wild birds, etc ..

The event is from August 18, 2013, Southern Serbia, Sveta Petka, near Klenike, Bujanovac municipality.

Tipped off by locals that at that location every day, day by day,  2 weeks,  2 man  catch goldfinch.  Our colleagues from the Green Network Pcinja districts went out into the field and see what it does, call the police and inspections that took to the field. One of the criminals escaped and the other remained, and were photographed his car brands Audi, registration VR 011 YR. His name was Mitrovic Nebojsa.





On the spot, they found the 3 cages with live birds that serve as decoys. Sticks that you see in the pictures, the trees were coated with glue, and if stick catches another species that they do not need, it is killed and thrown away. See also a monstrous scene, the goldfinch is probably still alive when taken off the glue and pinned onto the top of the tree, as it stands there and looks injured birds attracts the others birds.










In addition to sticks and surrounding plants that prefer to land goldfinch, spread with the glue.  They using glue for mouse and rats, from which very hard to remove birds, because gentle and thin legs and soft feathers that stick to stick.

So we do not have to go to Lebanon, Malta and Cyprus, we all have in Serbia, but for too long not talking about it.   Silence, because they are all connected in the chain of illegal trade in wild birds which brings large profits and any investment.

While an investigation was underway, the police and inspections, we immediately asked to carry out a search of the house and yard Mitrovic Nebojsa from Vranje and another man who escaped, but the police and inspections did not want it to do, and we had a tip that both cellars full of  birds are captured in this way.

The second man escaped because he received permission from the Ministry for keeping the bird and after a few months when, on our inspection report went with him, they found about 20 goldfinch and reported a 6, but he said that they had hatched, although no have rings.. For inspection, it is was considered OK!

We’re still not received an answer what happened to Nebojsa Mitrovic regarding the capture of birds because, being caught on the spot with all the gear for catching birds are caught and dead birds that he did not need but are adhered to and killed them.

We have a case of catching bird with netting, police not found these faces and even birds. It’s about the Police Department Nis.

According to the provisions of the Cites Convention, no wild species that has been acquired in violation of the law of our country, which are certainly all wild birds that have been rounded up in an illegal manner and kept in captivity for trafficking, can not be legally or may be placed on the market, but Serbia ignored the Cites Convention and some permitting holding of such birds.

That’s what they are used by catching birds in nature, birds often get hurt taped, torn them with glue, torn leg, wing, many birds suffer in this way and what is even worse, and the birds appear on sale in public places, for example. stock birds and small animals. Countless applications we filed for such black market of birds, the inspection went but rarely managed to saw a bird which has no place here.

p.s. The special case of the hunters LORIST Fair in Novi Sad, at the end of 2011. where she was the exchange of birds and where the inspection had not seen two ravens, who were on the docks and offered for sale. Raven is in Serbia strictly protected species. After that, we could find out who was selling 2 ravens and where are they?

And this is just one more part of the problem, we have a lot of photos from the stock birds. And it shows that our inspection and the police do not respect the law themselves and even less compliance.

I do not see two ravens, should be blind.

Regards , V.

Serbia: Birds Continually Hunted – Failed By Those Who SHOULD Be Protecting Them – EU Enlargement Commission Fails As Always When It Comes To Animal Welfare.

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Here is the latest information from Serbia regarding the mass killing and smuggling of birds back to Italy by Italian hunters.

Please see our previous post for further information:

The EU is currently in shutdown during August for annual holidays; but this is now allowing us some time to prepare information and links which will be sent immediately to MEP’s when they return from their holidays.

We have plenty of information and photographs as you can see here and on the other links to fully support our case.  We have direct links with the EU Enlargement Commission who we feel are not doing anything near to what they should be doing re animal welfare in Serbia before it becomes a new member state.  

The information below is virtually as provided and has not been edited in any way.  This and the information in the other links will form the basis of the data we provide to MEP’s and to the EU Enlargement Commission.

As EU taxpayers, we are handing out Billions of Euros (literally) via the Enlargement Commission to ensure that Serbia is supposed to be enforcing the ‘rules of law’ as required for membership of the EU.

The information below and in our other links above clearly shows that the law is NOT being enforced, and that as always; Serbia is giving in to its hunters and police; whilst clearly failing to enforce regulations and laws that are there supposedly to provide some protection to animals – be they birds, stray dogs and cats; farm animals etc.

The EU is doing very little about this new accession member state – we demand action and we demand it NOW !


Hi Mark,

I send you photos of 01.09.2012. from a place on the streets in Bujanovac, where police stopped two Italians on the second day of hunting in Serbia in the hunting grounds of Hunting Association “Golub” Bujanovac.





On the first day they killed about 400 to 450 birds, but birds and police did not want to look.



About this hunt on the first day, according to us hunters who were sickened because Italians make real massacres and then the bodies smuggled into Italy via the links on the border, customs.

Italians Antonio Dalla Libera and Vau Editeo, from Vicenza and had a permit issued by the br.1666 LU.Golub for hunting quail ..

Birds that can be seen in the pictures did not quail, neither game species except one dove.







In the pictures you can see:

A. Strictly protected species:

Hoopoe, Upupa epops – 1 individual:

Red-backed Shrike, Lanius collurio- 1 female;

Great Tit, Parus major – one individual;

Forest Pipit, Anthus trivialis – 64 individuals

Stonechat, Saxicola torquata – 1 individual

Whitethroat,  Sylvia communis – 1 individual;

Warbler (or birch forest) Phylloscopus sp. (Trochilus – sibilatrix) – 1 individual.
B. Protected non-hunting species:

1. Field sparrow, Passer montanus – 14 individuals

2. Starling, Sturnus vulgaris – 2 individuals

C. closed season protected species, for which they had no permit

1. dove Streptopelia turtur – 1 individual

Under the domestic legislation, the value of these birds were all killed in poaching over 15,000 euros. + Penalty, but the Prosecutor’s Office in Vranje did not want to finish the case to the end.  So much for enforcing the ‘rule of law’ that the EU Enlargement Commission demands of the Serbian authorities and government – it is a JOKE !

Regulations on compensation applies for determining the amount of damages caused by illegal action in relation to the strictly protected and protected wild species (“RS Official Gazette”, No. 37/10)./

Hunting rifle the five-no. 561897 is owned by Serbian citizen, Strahinja Nikolic from Leskovac, who now leads the Italians in the hunt in Serbia.

The Jeep, brand ‘Nissan’, registration number LE-037 AP owned by certain Strahinja Nikolic from Leskovac have been found decoys and a large quantity of ammunition in boxes.



Hunting rifle the five-no. 561897 and Jeep brands of Nisan, as well as everything else is not taken away, as required by law, only the birds were siezed, when submitting the bird warden LU Golub was 88 of birds, see the photo with the numbers of birds, and to find birds after 5 days and on our great insistence and urging, it was 87 birds.

One bird was missing, we assume that it is a rare species, perhaps a young individual crossbill, as seen in the picture on the right, but characteristic beak crossbill, see.

06.09.2012. The inspector said:

The further control by the OSL PS Bujanovac when you turn the car on the road just some hundred meters from the family home of hunting area was stopped passenger car brands Audi 80 license plates BU 008-LO having Stanojković Dragan where the hunting area is found in the trunk of the same bags with Birds that were the subject of control.

In the presence of the above present officers of the counting of specimens and found that it was 87 dead birds of different birds that are due to poor care already begun to rot.

On that occasion present hunting area manager said that he had forgotten to take out the birds. The birds were confiscated (87 individuals) of Stanojković Dragan issued by the hunting area with a receipt for the same and are placed in cold storage DOO.Razvitak Bujanovac.

Unbelievable but true !!!

Then continue, we filed a large number of charges to various state bodies, mostly police and Prosecutors as well as complaints about their work.

After more than 2 years we have received the documents from the case where it is revealed that they punished only police officers who are not doing their job, the head of hunting, because she let 2 Italians to hunt without hunting companion, and the driver who was driving them. A symbolic fine of 10,000.00 to 60,000.00 to RSD it to pay in instalments.

About all we have documentation that can scan and submit.

SAV Comment – we aim to be providing this to the EU and the EU Enlargement Commission.

P.S. The affair “Balkans birds” still continues and this is a suspect way in which the crime is still taking place in Serbia and desolation bird fauna, because the first people in the police do not respect the law and the connection is on the verge of releasing the presentation of the slain bird in which the Italians earn huge sums of money, and our local ignorant for petty, personal, short-term interests are destroying the natural wealth of our country.

One of the biggest caught by cases of smuggling of birds killed in Serbia, was caught by customs Slovenia, with 120,000 birds.

Our police said that never heard about the case “Balkans birds”, and there is no investigation, no documentation about it.

quail and doves

Regards, V.

Serbia: Hope For ‘Hope’ – Can You Give To Help Her Medical Costs ?

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tumor 1

The Story

‘Hope’ is a dog that is old at the estimate of the veterinarian about 12 years.

She lived on the street for about 10 years, of which 3 years lived with a huge tumor.

Surgery was on 4.05.2015. after which she went to chemotherapy that is not finished until the end, but unfortunately since the tumor was malignant, it then returned and is currently veterinarians are fighting for her life.

Please give anything for any help for her. The operation will be long and difficult and the cost very high.

dog help

To donate to help pay for the surgery  – please go to

Thank you – please give anything you can.

tumor 2

Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest News – Valerie Had Her Right Rear Leg Operated On; A Few Weeks And She Should Be Walking Fine !

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felix cartoon 2

dan 18 a 1

We deeply apologize for the week-long silence but our lives have been a bit of a roller coaster lately.

Sneska has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease which resulted in uremic stomatitis; Tabazija has developed megacolon. Both of them are under treatment and their condition is stable, at least for now, so Valerie’s surgery had to be our top priority.

Valerie had her right rear leg operated on a few days ago and everything went well, so we’re hoping this will be the last trauma she will be forced to go through. The vet managed to save her leg by basically breaking her incorrectly healed knee joint again and fixing it into the proper position with screws which are supposed to be removed in approximately two weeks time.

She will be kept in a cage for a while, but when she completely recovers, she is expected to walk normally again.

We’re immensely grateful to all of the wonderful people who have unselfishly helped this sweet girl and have given her the chance to live a life worth living!

Not even saying thank you a thousand times would be enough to express our immense gratitude!

dan 18 a 2

24 july 2

dan 18 aug 3


Serbia: RECOMMENDATION on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas – like all Serbian animal welfare law – a complete mockery of reality !

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RECOMMENDATION on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas during periods of adverse weather conditions

Users of hunting in areas with adverse weather conditions, it is recommended that, in consultation with the competent hunting inspector:

  • reinforce control of the general condition of wildlife and its habitat in the hunting grounds and take all necessary measures for the protection of wildlife, primarily measures: continuous provision of water in the bushes, protect wildlife from illegal hunting, protection and conservation of habitats, as well as other statutory measures,

  • take the necessary measures to prevent damage caused by wildlife on the property of legal entities and individuals, to educate the local population with regard to measures taken to protect the property from damage that can by game, and to take the necessary measures regarding the prevention of damage to wildlife,

  • activate the available human and material resources to the prevention of a possible fire, as well as to assist in extinguishing the fire site active, always taking care of wildlife in hunting grounds.

We should also pay attention to the education of the local population about the dangers and risks of unsolicited and uncontrolled burning stubble fields, reeds, grasses and other vegetation in the hunting grounds.

In conditions of high temperature, pay particular attention to the proper handling of harvested game (move, transfer, or transportation of the hunted game, with the pertinent parts of the city with the shooting in the hunting ground to the place of official controls) and taking measures to manipulation and transport is performed according to the procedure and the way safe for human health.


serb hunt 2

Hi Mark,

Hunting quail and turtle doves, migratory species is in full force. Also on the dove and wood pigeon, wild boar and roe deer, fox hunting lasts all year.

Hunters widely used BANNED electronic decoys for Quail. Therefore, killing large numbers of quail that gather around the decoy. (electronic sound invocation, same like voice of quail. ) You know what is this?

After our letters to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection – Directorate for Forests of 7 August 2015 to suspend the hunt for natural disasters, finally published the poor text “Recommendations on measures to protect wildlife in hunting areas during periods of adverse weather conditions.”  12. August 2015.

The text can be read here (or at the start of this post):

How they write “unfavorable weather conditions” hunting is suspended, clearly states in Article 76, paragraph 1 Count 1. Law on Wildlife and Hunting (Official Gazette No. 18/2010).

From 1 July to 16 August 2015. mean daily temperatures were below 31 C, still about 35 C, even during July and up to 40 C,  without rain. Yesterday, 17.08. outside temperature dropped to slightly below 30 C  and little rain fell in Serbia, reporting to the media about the decay of the crop and the drought and the problems that people have because of natural disasters.

It was not initiated by the Forest Administration to comply with the law and the protection of wild animals from the hunting and persecution and harassment, but to protect hunting associations and hunting lobby that will trap quail and turtledove and earn a lots of money.

From which we can draw the conclusion that the laws are not respected and enforced.

Attached you can see what we wrote Forestry Administration.  Use Google translation. 🙂

After all, it is clear that it will not comply with the Act, we filed criminal charges against the responsible civil servants in the Directorate for Forests  ..

After finish the rest of the EU Commission, we must prepare a text about everything that’s going on here, 18 of the 25 EU countries hunting quail and turtledove is banned, Serbia is a migratory corridor and this savagery can not be tolerated. Albania has completely banned hunting and as I heard the ban will be extended to 2019. good.

We did not  Cyprus, Malta or Lebanon.  Migration is one of the strongest instincts of migratory birds and is very hard for them, is not humane and it is not acceptable to kill them during migration. Of course,  it is not humane nor necessary to kill anyone but the reality is harsh.

I hope you’ll help us around the text.

In the next email, I’ll prepare for you and SAV,  photos Massacre songbirds, 2 Italians, 89 birds, a couple of hours morning.

The two Italians were caught, and the day before they are caught, we know that because we have information, that  they kill songbirds, they were in the south of Serbia in Bujanovac. That day they killed nearly 400 birds,  that police did not even want to look and found no corpses.  After more than 2 years we have received the documents from the case of the prosecution Vranje.

Were punished symbolically 4 policemen, the chief of hunting Bujanovac who hid the slain bird and the driver of the Italians.

Through Interpol,  the two Italians have been found in Italy and gave statements, just as we heard that was going on, they are paid on all hands, and went and killed what they want and are doing,  so for years.
Our prosecution did not know or did not want to apply a fine nor compensation for slaughtered birds, which then amounted to about 15,000 euros.

For hunting, they used an illicit gun with five bullets, and so they made a massacre.

Since then, year 2012. they do not come to Serbia.

p.s. Please fix mistakes, if something is not clear, I’ll explain.

Kind Regards