India: Some More Amazing Rescues From Our Friends At AAU In India – All With Happy Endings !


Some wonderful rescues from our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited in India.  They all look very bad at the start, but all have great endings.  Enjoy the videos !

animal aid unlimited india


A street dog had a life-threatening abscess on his face. Watch his fast recovery after rescue! Donate to save street animals in India :

We rescued a puppy who was collapsed on the side of the road unable to stand. We treated her for canine distemper which is often fatal but within 14 days she was eating and walking again!


We rescued Grace after she was found with wire tied through her mouth. We think the wire was tied intentionally but we have no information about what happened to her. She had been unable to eat or drink for days and was very near death. Please note that this video contains a few painful scenes of the wire being cut during her first treatment. Grace is now fully healed and is living in our sanctuary where she


A working donkey had been terribly abused by his owner and abandoned on the street in critical condition. We rescued him, healed his wounds, and gave him permanent sanctuary.

This brave street dog was just days–maybe even hours from death after a piece of wire was wrapped around his neck cutting off the circulation to his head causing terrible swelling.


A piglet had fallen into a well and was trapped unable to get out or even take a moments break from swimming. Just as we arrived and were getting our rescuer into his halter the piglet was starting to drown. Watch his amazing rescue and please share to help support animal rescue in India.

We rescued a street dog suffering from an enormous cancerous tumor, a transmissible venereal tumor. Watch her amazing recovery!


Please give to save lives !



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