Serbia: 28/5/16 – Latest News and Photos From Felix Shelter. New Cats and A Bad Ear !

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Note we have a couple of petitions at the end for you to support please.


Hannah and Chanty have joined all of the other cats in the yard and have fit in with no problems in the blink of an eye!

Take a peek at the photos and see how much they enjoy their new surroundings! 🙂

Donations to keep the cats well and healthy are always welcome – Thank you.

h and c 1

h and c 2

h and c 3

h and c 4

h and c 5


Niki was less than two years old when she was brought to the shelter in 2011, together with her brother Fogi.

She had been an owned cat once upon a time until her owner decided she couldn’t take care of Niki and Fogi anymore, so both of them ended up being someone else’s responsibility. Anyway, Niki developed an ear hematoma a couple of weeks ago and the vet has drained the swelling twice over that period of time trying to avoid surgery.

But to no avail – although she had been receiving antibiotics and wearing an Elizabethan collar, the swelling filled up again rapidly each time. She is going in for surgery again on Monday and it will be done under inhalation anesthesia as she has an adverse reaction to Ketamine which is therefore potentially dangerous for her.

We can’t be sure what caused her aural hematoma, but we have reasons to suspect she somehow got scratched by the wire of the outdoor enclosure which should have been replaced years ago, but we never succeeded in raising enough funds for such a massive task 😦

Long story short, our vet bills keep piling up and up (as expected for a place with so many cats) and every kind of help is not only highly appreciated but desperately needed as well!

If you aren’t able to donate, please share far and wide at least!

nikki 1

nikki 2

nikki 3

nikki 4

Donations are always very much welcomed thank you.


Rather than put them on a separate post, we have added a few petitions here.  Please give them your support.

Thanks SAV.

We need as any signatures as possible with the following – it is important – please crosspost thank you.

Petition 2Print







“Gigging” is a form of hunting that involves stabbing small animals with pitchfork-like spears, causing the victims to endure slow, agonizing deaths from shock, organ failure, or blood loss.

Students and locals in DeKalb County, Tennessee, are being encouraged to “gig” up to 15 frogs each as part of a fundraiser to benefit two graduating high school seniors.

This sadistic event is scheduled for June 24, so the sooner you speak up, the better.

Petition 2get involved 2

Tell the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation and DeKalb County School District officials to cancel this cruel event immediately!





Dog Dragged Behind Truck and Killed Deserves Justice

get involved 2Petition 2

Target: Bob Ferguson, Attorney General of Washington

Goal: Seek maximum sentence for man who allegedly dragged a dog behind his truck and killed it.

A dog was reportedly hung to the side of a truck by a leash and dragged behind the moving vehicle. The poor animal was yelping and crying as the cruel driver dragged him along the road, according to witnesses. Police say that they found the dog’s body inside the owner’s home and took it for a necropsy.

52-year-old David Kadow, the owner who reportedly dragged this helpless animal down the road, was arrested on animal cruelty charges and driving with a suspended license. Dragging animals behind vehicles has become a hobby for the cruel hearted. There have been numerous cases just like this one. A sea turtle, for instance, was killed in this same manner. If the justice system would appropriately punish these people, this sick cruelty wouldn’t be continuously increasing. More often than not, the punishment for animal cruelty is little more than a fine and that’s not acceptable.

Demand that authorities set an example with Kadow by giving him the maximum penalty for the torture and killing of this helpless animal, if guilty.


Dear Mr. Ferguson,

A dog was reportedly tied to a truck by its leash and dragged down the street. Police say they found the dog’s dead body inside the driver’s home and have taken it for a necropsy. This helpless animal yelped and cried as it was being tortured, according to witnesses.

It’s a shame that this act of animal cruelty has become so common. We urge you to help stop this heinous, senseless animal cruelty by seeking the maximum penalty possible against the man who killed this innocent dog, if guilty.


[Your Name Here]



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