The blood farms in south america



It’s a brutal business: On horse farms in South America, mares are held for one purpose only: to take blood from them. For in the blood of pregnant mares is the hormone PMSG – a popular drug in this country for pig breeding. For years, the grievances are denounced. But almost nothing has changed.

What is the hormone PMSG used for?

In Europe, PMSG ( Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin) is used to synchronize piglet production. This is mainly used in industrial mass production. One wants to prove the mother sows at the same time.


The so-called insemination engineers of the agricultural industry then only need to come once.
Then all are inseminated at the same time and all get their piglets at the same time within a few hours.

That is, you can calculate the exact day and hours.

Of course this makes the handling of the production very easy. The piglets can be exhibited at the same time, be fattened and thus slaughtered at the same time.

The perfect way to clock the whole production!!


The current video footage has made York Ditfurth turn at high risk. After the release of the first images in 2015, the South American “blood farms” had made various promises to improve conditions. So workers should be exchanged and a more animal-friendly handling of the horses be prescribed.

The current recordings show even more catastrophic abuses. They prove that the misery of the mares in South America has not improved. Animal rights activist York Ditfurt is shocked by the scale.

The animal cruelty had never been so detailed in detail.

For 100 grams PMSG be paid around the 850,000 euros. That is a lot of money. If one calculates the cheap acquisition costs and maintenance costs for a mare, money is printed with the blood.

From two and a half liters of blood, two milligrams of PMSG are recovered. At least ten liters are tapped from the mares a week. Eleven weeks long. That’s more than 110 liters of blood in one season.

PMSG is eventually sold to Europe.

Since the mares only produce the coveted hormone until the 130th day of gestation, the foals are aborted manually as waste because they are not needed. Abortion is also extremely painful for the animals: For example, workers simply scratch the uterus of the horses with their hands. The animals are left to themselves and brought back to the pastures. Veterinary care does not exist.

Way too expensive.



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My comment: Guidelines of the OIE and the EU Commission exist only for the meat production, but not for the production of an animal by-product, among which the blood serum falls.

The customers of PMSG, including European pharmaceutical companies, have so far shown no interest in introducing binding legislation.

Because they also benefit from this loophole,  and from the dirty business with the life and suffering of the animals, as always.

And so continues the dirty business of suffering and dying mares and foals in the blood farms.

I think that would as well work with the blood of tortured pharmaceutical entrepreneurs who have something to answer, right?

My best regards to all, Venus

2 Responses

  1. For God’s sake. Stop the horrific blood taking of gentle trusting horses for some don’t have a job creeps who have instituted the shameful beyond belief practices of taking another’s blood.

  2. This sickness is done in the US, too, for a menopausal drug, Premarin, for stupid, freaking hot flashes. Is it worth it?!?!? Makes me vomit. These poor animals, innocent and worthy and beautiful, and made to suffer torment, torture, and murder for stupidstupidstupid stuff.

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