21/7 2300hrs GMT – The Romanian Sheep Ship has now Docked at Jeddah Port.

Update: 21/7/19 2300hrs GMT.


The Al Shuwaikh has now docked in Jeddah port tonight (2330hrs local).


Why ? – A ‘Route Plan’ has to be submitted under EU Regulations BEFORE the shipment can take place.  So did the Romanian approved Route Plan always declare Jeddah as the final destination ?, and the ship was simply to return to home base of Kuwait EMPTY from there ?

Now we need to check out the formal Romanian Route Plan to see what the sheep’s final destination actually was – Saudi Arabia or Kuwait ?

The AK could set sail from Jeddah in the next few days, but it does not mean the sheep are on board – it could be returning home empty to Kuwait.

Only the Route Plan approved by the Romanian authorities will declare exactly what the final destination of the sheep was to be.  It could have been Jeddah.

So does this from the EU Commissioner make any sense:

Ref https://www.eurogroupforanimals.org/australia-has-stopped-live-transport-during-high-temperatures-lets-not-lag-behind-commissioner-andriukaitis

Commissioner Andriukaitis’ said only:

On the subject of this weekend’s decision by Romania to go ahead with the transport of 70,000 sheep from Romania to the Persian Gulf, Commissioner Andriukaitis said that the Commission is investigating the issue and that “infringement proceedings against Romania cannot be excluded at this time”.

He said ‘Persian Gulf’ but the plan could have said Saudi Arabia (Jeddah), not Kuwait.  The East of Saudi is in the Persian Gulf; so ‘Persian Gulf’ could have actually meant ‘Saudi Arabia’.

But also, the question is – how many sheep have perished under the shipment conditions ?

The Romanians SHOULD have taken the temperatures for the sheep on the journey into account when they were looking at the submitted (but not approved at the time – Route Plan) in ADVANCE of the shipment.  Did they ?

We will get the Route Plan in some way now and check out what is says.

Regards Mark



2 Responses

  1. What kind of human can stand this horrible treatment of the innocents?

  2. Have you checked on the map that there is a bulk carrier moored too, Farah1. Will the sheep go in there, Sudan destination?

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