England: Your Support Required to Help CIWF Get Live Calf Exports Stopped.


I detest ALL live animal exports. 

It is simply immense animal cruelty under the guise of trade benefit and primarily, profit by those who do not care about much else other than what goes into their bank accounts and back pockets.

I personally hate and feel very sorry for the low life people that work in this business.  Normally I do not hate; but in the live export case I make exceptions !

I have been directly involved with UK (English) live animal exports for 30 years, maybe more now.  Philip (CEO at CIWF) and I became good friends in all the campaigning years at South East English ports where live animals were exported.  We still communicate regularly.

Here is a picture of me from ?- lets just say many years gone by when we were at Dover harbour in Kent, England; campaigning against live calf exports; the issue of this post now.  They were sad times for all the campaigners involved; witnessing the baby innocents being shipped to foreign lands for financial gain only. 

As a campaigner against the trade at Dover; you always heard the calves way before you actually witnessed the transporters arriving with them at the docks.  Why did we always hear first ? – because they are / were mere babies; deprived of their mothers milk; calling out for the mothers that they would never see again because of the ‘want’ by the human species to require some bovine milk for their cup of tea or coffee every morning.

All animals going for export suffer in the live trade.  There is the silence of the (baby) lambs; the immense crying of the (baby) calves; and the pigs and the horses who make noises probably and simply because they are not happy in their situation.

You can read a lot more, with one link giving route to an undercover investigation for Irish calves going to Cherbourg in France; by clicking on the following:

https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ – scroll down until you see the calf photographs.

The link, is to ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV, which is the sister site to this (WAV); and was founded by myself to help stray dogs and cats in the Balkans back in 2oo5.

Your contribution and actions:

Now I am asking for your help and support to aid Philip and the crew at CIWF (London), as putting massive pressure on UK governments is vital to getting this abhorrent trade stopped for once and all. 

The following is largely copied directly from CIWF campaigning..  Action links are also provided; and this is the essential route where I personally ask for your support.

From CIWF: Dear Mark,

Together, we scored a big victory for calves last month: the courts REJECTED the Scottish Government’s request to INDEFINITELY DELAY our Judicial Review of live calf exports.

However, our legal battle rages on – and we must ramp up the pressure on decision makers who are still prepared to defend this vile trade in court.

The legal battle against British live calf exports rages on – and we must maintain momentum to deliver justice for calves.

As you may know, Compassion’s Judicial Review of the appalling trade in unweaned calves from Britain to the Continent is set to be heard in court in the autumn.

Thousands of compassionate people have already lobbied the Scottish Government to drop its opposition to the case.

Following those emails, it has indicated it may consider reviewing its live exports policy.

But the Scottish Government is still fighting us in court – and Defra, acting on behalf of the UK Government, is backing them.

Given that UK decision makers have repeatedly pledged to end live exports for fattening and slaughter, this is a bitter betrayal.

Please, help end this hypocrisy: urge the UK Government to drop its legal defence of cruel calf exports.

ACTION – tell the UK government to stop defending calf exports:

Following the 38,904 emails from Compassion supporters, the Scottish Government has indicated it may reconsider its live exports policy.

ACTION:  Ramp up the action against the Scottish Government and live calf exports.

But it is still fighting CIWF in court – and Defra, acting on behalf of the UK Government, is still supporting them.

UK decision makers simply cannot get away with protecting a trade they claim to want to end. Do they really want to use taxpayers’ money to defend animal cruelty?

ACTION:  Urge Defra to drop its opposition to the CIWF calf court case:

Case Review:

The case: journeys over eight hours for unweaned calves are not permitted unless, after nine hours of travel, they receive a one-hour break for rest, water and, “if necessary”, food. In practice, the calves can only be fed when unloaded at an appropriate facility. For calves exported from Scotland, the first time this happens is in Northern France – which means they can go up to 23 hours without food.

The aim: a court ruling that these journeys are unlawful, because the legal requirement for food during travel isn’t being met.

If we win: British live calf exports could not continue in their current form, which could spare thousands of animals every year from unnecessary suffering. Plus, since UK and EU legislation on live transport are identical, the case could trigger action across Europe.


Action link – UK and Europe:  https://www.ciwf.org.uk/our-campaigns/ban-live-exports/

Reports on the live trade;  https://www.ciwf.org.uk/research/live-transport/

Please show your support to protect the calves; ACT NOW.

Regards Mark

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