Toronto Pig Save: together we can stop Tru Harvest!

März 2021 —

Toronto Pig Save

Toronto’s most infamous slaughterhouse reopened on March 1st under new management.

Sign our new petition to STOP Tru Harvest!

Ryding Regency Meat Packers was ordered to permanently close due to e-corona contamination in December 2019. But yesterday, with the same general manager, Tru Harvest opened its doors at the same location to kill 83,200 cows and baby calves per year.

The majority of the mother cows are pregnant at the time of slaughter.

Activists from Toronto Pig Save and Toronto Cow Save held joint actions yesterday outside the CFIA offices in Toronto at midday and held a cow vigil outside Tru Harvest Meats from 1:30 pm to 3 pm to protest this egregious atrocity and demand the license for Tru Harvest be withdrawn.

Bearing witness at an Animal Save Movement vigil.

“Slaughterhouses across Canada have been the site of many of the country’s worst COVID-19 outbreaks, and it’s indefensible that the provincial and federal governments would be allowing this business to re-open,” says Jenny McQueen, an activist with Toronto Pig Save.

“Dairy is a leading cause of environmental degradation, as well as being directly linked to negative health outcomes. We’re calling on the federal government to cease subsidies that are going towards propping up a collapsing cow milk industry that kills mother cows once their dairy production slows and ‘veal’ calves under 12 months old who have not been given the chance for life.

We also call on the federal government and the CFIA to withdraw the license for Tru Harvest Meats and shut them down.”

Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save, and Joaquin Phoenix to attend a protest, September 2019-photo by Joanne McArthur

If you live in Toronto, join us for our weekly cow vigils, Tuesday mornings 10 am – 12 pm at St. Helen’s slaughterhouse, 1-3 Glen Scarlett Rd (opposite the proposed site of the new slaughterhouse).
Toronto Pig Save has launched a petition to close down Tru Harvest. Please sign and share widely.

Together we can STOP Tru Harvest!

Petition 1:

Petition 2:

And I mean…We must not give up, the fight for animal liberation goes on, and not least because some activists have even given their lives for animal rights

Regan Russell, 65, was violently beaten and killed by a pig truck outside Sofina’s Fearmans slaughterhouse on Friday, June 19, 2020.

She was with six other activists at a vigil in Toronto to give water to pigs on one of the hottest days of the year. She attended vigils regularly, and that day Regan was there to oppose Ontario’s “ag-gag” Bill 156, which had been passed two days earlier.

She is gone, but not forgotten, she will always be remembered.

My best regards to all, Venus


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