For women’s Day

The majority of female non-human animals never got their rights.
Not even for an hour.

They are still with marks in their ears in the slave centers of this world, only one number, only one function: to serve the human animals.

Their families and children were robbed and they could not defend them because these women were shackled as little young girls.

Even serious criminals don’t have to fear such a punishment, but these women are imprisoned, raped, and forced into chains for life because their biggest and only crime was to be born.

Born in a society in which “human rights” arise solely from belonging to the human species – no matter how a person is made, it has this right per se. Because it is human.

As a result, it is created the “right” of the strongest against the other animals, and it is even legalized.
The violence against non-human animals with their billions of faces and fates is solely the result of the fascist superiority of the human species

Therefore, on Women’s Day, we think of the millions of non-human women on earth, of their stolen children, of the women who give birth in miserable boxes, of the women who give birth in trucks, of the women who are waiting to be executed in the slaughterhouse.

That is an injustice, and we will continue to fight for their liberation, for their rights.

My best regards to all, Venus

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