“Elitdog” Slovakia! Puppy trade = death trade!

Report from the Austrian blog https://www.respektiere.at/

In autumn 2020 we were on the road together with the Robin Hood” association (www.robinhood-tierschutz.at) in Slovakia;

The aim of the company was to find a company that apparently operates an active puppy trade.
We noticed the company because of a gaudy website – a serious-looking homepage, then also very professionally made, namely promises great dog luck!

But it immediately catches the eye – this is where the high-level business is done.

From the Akita Inu to the West Highland Terrier, there are all conceivable dog breeds available to order, the animal children are even delivered directly to the house.

The prices for a young life, from 700 euros upwards plus 300 euros for delivery, are relatively high for Eastern conditions (should also represent a ‘quality feature’) but are still only a fraction of those that would have to be paid at the breeder’s site.

In any case, Elitdog – that’s what the soul trader calls itself – is popular and undoubtedly enjoys high earnings.
The fact that these are at the expense of other living beings is, of course, at best a side note of the story for the operators.

The Slovak village, in which the animal traders are based, looks shaken by existence; small single-family houses are lined up, a clear town center is not recognizable.
No structure, prosperity has taken a break.

The “big, wide world” happens elsewhere, a life apart from the stream of history.

The road to Bratislava leads through, but this does not bring more than an increased volume of traffic to the settlement.

Without any question, the dream of a golden age through joining the European Community has not come true here, the promise of general wealth has seeped away like rainwater in the home soil.

For at least one family, however, the situation looks very different; its swanky construction stands out from the gray crowd, looks as strange in the middle of the little houses as the polar bear on the sandy beach.

Said country estate appears almost like a castle, surrounded by thick walls and high fences.
Noble bodies are parked inside, the lawn invites you to the next game of golf.

In the photo: Tom Putzgruber, founder of the association: our ‘visit’ at Elitdog; hunting trophies on the walls, next to the skulls dozens of chopped off bear’s feet …

One would think that a high-ranking politician would have settled, or even a drug lord.
Indeed, the truth has something of both; It is faked and played with the lives of others – a dog dealer, soul dealer, runs his barely transparent business from here, the long rows of kennels in the backyard give it away.

Of course, these people do it skillfully; they are very well informed about the legal situation in neighboring countries – their obvious main target area.

Also do not act as a breeder, but rather as an intermediary; those who get puppies from “respected bodies” and then promote them to the new addresses.
In this way, they circumvent official regulations as best as possible.

Free travel to the West, where there are unfortunately still a lot of people who, despite the constant warnings from animal welfare organizations and their own conscience, really fuel this lucrative business.

Now another incredibly sad case has happened.

A puppy was ordered somewhere in Graz (Austria) and awaited its arrival with great anticipation. A beautiful retriever boy was brought to the front door on Wednesday evening; 1200 euros in return, yes, a lot of money, but just looking at the little one: actually so and so priceless!

On Friday the poor man gets sick; his condition is worsening acutely. The vet initially suspects “some bacterial leak”.
No relaxation.

On Sunday it goes to the emergency room in the clinic.

On the way there, the small existence dies, which has had so little life.
Cause of death: distemper.
Despite a corresponding vaccination registration.

The “canine distemper virus” is highly contagious, it has claimed millions upon millions of victims. And will continue to demand at least as many.

By the way: There were a few other puppies with him in the transport …

Please remember the name Elitdog! http://www.elitdog.at (yes, there is even an Austrian version of the homepage!) brings countless dogs to all federal states.
To Germany and Switzerland as well.

How often will this tragic fate be fulfilled in the same way?
How much suffering is behind the breeding industry? Incredible. No question at all.
And with a purchase, you will inevitably become part of this machinery.

Part of the problem. Part of the shame.

Please try to answer the following question purely out of consideration: Is the breeding of dogs still morally and ethically justifiable as long as hosts of dogs all over the world have to live as ‘street animals’ under the most terrible circumstances?

Is it acceptable that just as many dogs, completely healthy, young, dearest, beautiful, suffer a terrible death every year by poisoning, slaying, strangling, running over, shooting, etc., while elsewhere blood money is made from breeding?

Therefore, please never forget: Adopt! Don’t shop!

If you have had a bad experience with Elitdog or know someone who has, please tell us about it. Any clue can help!
Let’s stop this cruel trade together !!!


And I mean...I found the following comment in the forum of the blog “good question”. It’s 2 years old, but apparently, nothing has changed in this dirty business today

“My God !!!! Just don’t buy a dog from this puppy factory in Slovakia … !!!!

A neighbor had ordered a shepherd puppy – after he was completely diarrhea, arrived disheveled in a cage with half a dozen other poor creatures and reacted completely apathetically, they immediately went to the vet …
he was attacked from front to back with aggressive parasites, not vaccinated and then the worst …. deformed hips without a proper hip socket …. so pain even as a puppy …. a nightmare …. an operation, if that is the case possible at all, cost at least CHF 4,000…

Please boycott this criminal, heartless company !!!! Such interaction with a man’s best friend is really forbidden !!!!

It’s just SAD !!!!!”

My best regards to all, Venus


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