12/3/21 – Posts Catch Up – Lots to View Here.

Hi all;

I have put a lot of posts onto WAV but have not had the chance to also detail each one individually here.  So I am grouping many into the following list, which you can review and select as you wish.

Regards Mark

Vietnam – Urgent bile bear rescue – Vietnam: Urgent Rescue – Kept in a basement: Free Xuan and Mo from a life in darkness – Please Give Right Now ! – World Animals Voice


South Korea – Great news – NO objections to Bill 7035 relating to dog meat slaughter and consumption –

South Korea: Great News – No Objections To New Animal Welfare Bill No. 7035, Relating to Dog Meat Slaughter and Consumption. – World Animals Voice

China – China announces new cosmetics regulations which need no animal testing –

Great News From Peta ! – China Announces New Cosmetics Regulations Without Animal Testing. – World Animals Voice

China – Science confirms Wuhan wet market is most likely origin of Covid –

China: Scientists Confirm Wuhan Wet Market Is ‘Most Likely Origin’ Of COVID-19. – World Animals Voice

Spain – All animals on the ‘Karim Allah’ have now been murdered after 3 months at sea –

Spain: 10/3/21 – All Animals On The ‘Karim Allah’ Have Now Been Murdered By The Spanish Authorities After 3 Months at Sea. The Reality of Live Exports. – World Animals Voice

Cultivated meat can slash global warming by 92% says new study –

Cultivated Meat Can Slash Global Warming Impacts By 92%, Says New Study. – World Animals Voice

USA  – Minneapolis to get its first vegan burger chain –


USA:  Minneapolis Vegan Butchers are opening shop –

USA: Minneapolis’ Vegan Butchers Are Opening a Fried Chicken Shop. – World Animals Voice

UK – MP to lead 10 minute Bill on prohibiting the use of farrowing crates for pigs –

UK: Positives for Pigs – Sir David Amess MP will lead a Ten Minute Rule Bill on prohibiting the use of farrowing crates. – World Animals Voice


England – the secret little chapel in the woods for the animals –

England: The Secret Little Chapel In the Woods For All Animals. – World Animals Voice

Spain / EU – Horsemeat from overseas; animal welfare and consumer protection at risk –

Spain / EU: Live Export and – Horsemeat from overseas: animal welfare and consumer protection at risk. – World Animals Voice


England – Vegan Bites –

England: 8/3/21 – Vegan Bites. – World Animals Voice

There was a killing –

There Was A Killing. – World Animals Voice

Continue reading lots more older posts at  World Animals Voice – Animal news from around the world.

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