Animal testing for the German military – what a shame!

Hundreds of animals die every year for weapons experiments and surgical training

During surgery training or experiments with poison gas, the Military “consumed” thousands of animals in recent years.
A request in the German parliament now revealed comprehensive figures for the first time!

When it comes to animal experiments, pharmaceutical research institutions are usually the focus of the public. However, it is less well known that the German military “consumes” hundreds of pigs, rats, and mice in experiments every year.

This is also due to the fact that such experiments are not fully disclosed in the Federal Government’s publications on animal experiments.

The answer from the Defense Ministry to a request from the parliamentary group “Die Linke” (The Left Party ) now creates clarity.

According to this, the Bundeswehr has used more than 7,500 animals in experiments over the past two decades.

Between 2012 and 2019, the group spent almost two million euros on animal experiments for training and for military technology and military medical research.

Around 85 percent of the animals were rats and mice. There were also 590 guinea pigs, but also 27 monkeys, 144 dogs, and more than 300 pigs, sheep, goats, and horses (!!!).

The overview of the uses shows: rodents were exposed to nerve agents such as VX, soman, or mustard gas, pigs were seriously injured to simulate nerve damage or anemia, rabbits were injured to cartilage, and the long-term effects of radiation were investigated in mice.

In order to train gunshot treatment, the military uses pigs as “wounded”.

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And I mean…A new war has long since begun.
It is not a war in the traditional sense – but humans have been waging war against animals for a long time.

The tragic thing is: in preparation for the war against humans, weapons are tested on defenseless animals in the military.
Not only: nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare agents are tested

All weapons of human destruction are tested on animals in military laboratories around the world.
The cruelty of these attempts is beyond imagination

Absolute secrecy prevents any reporting on these attempts.

But animal experiments always have faces.

Mainly rodents, especially mice and rats, are used for the excruciating experiments.

Germany claims it has the best animal protection law in the world, but what takes place in the German research laboratories, we have often reported in many articles!

Please take the time and support PETA’s current petition on the subject. It is only a few clicks that can help save sensitive, sentimental beings from unbelievable torture.

My best regards to all, Venus


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