Primeval crabs-“Triops”: not for the children’s room!

❌ Suffering as a craft set – #Triops #primeval crabs

They are filigree relics from # prehistoric times … The graceful little crabs – known as so-called “Triops” – are considered “living #fossils”.

Freshwater is their element.
You can find the animals not only in pools and lakes all over the world – but unfortunately also in children’s rooms all over the world …

The tadpole shrimp family includes three well-known species – one of them – the “fairy shrimp” (Anostraca) – was recently discovered in a temporary lake in Baden Wuerttemberg (Germany)

With their original body and shell structure, their three complex eyes (TRI = three OPS = eye), and their artful movement patterns, the small prehistoric animals exert a great fascination on us.

Many children and young people want to bring a piece of primeval times into their own children’s room by buying a “Triops set”.

Triops eggs can be purchased online and in zoo and toy shops for less than 20 € in the “complete carefree package” with food, mini aquarium, and various auxiliary utensils …

Once the “handicraft set” has been opened and the eggs put in the water, the cute little animals hatch after just a few days and swim around in their cramped, monotonous plastic baskets in the hope of being reliably fed.
The crabs suffer silently.

It is not uncommon for the enclosed instructions to be ignored and the locations for the small water basins to be chosen so inappropriately that the little animals perish in agony, for example in the blazing sun or standing on a heater.

The fascination for the small creatures quickly gave way to another exciting occupation, and they are no longer adequately cared for or simply dumped into the toilet out of weariness.

The “animal experiment sets for the children’s room” are generally approved for children from 8-9 years of age. Such a pronounced sense of responsibility for living beings is not yet sufficiently given at this young age in very many cases.

Entrusting them with such responsible tasks always requires close control by parents, which unfortunately only rarely comes into play.

Apart from the maturity of those providing care, it is absurd to use sentient beings – no matter how small they may be – and no matter how short their life expectancy may be – for experimental ones

Abusing projects that lack any competence framework!

‼ ️ We demand a ban on the sale of “craft kits” with living beings and thus an end to silent tadpole cancer suffering in the nursery! Interested parties of all ages can gain valuable knowledge about animals and nature, for example from non-fiction books and TV or online documentaries.

Under no circumstances is it necessary to expand this in the form of domestic animal experiments!
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Text: Animals United e.V. For animal rights. Because pity is not enough!

And I mean…This disgusting business is booming on the internet.
Instructions for beginners and advanced slave owners on how to breed the animals, what you need for successful Triops breeding.
Eggs, food, and a complete set of equipment for rearing and observation are offered in inexpensive presences.


Triops - Urzeitkrebse erleben jetzt bei bestellenTriops Set

The industry motivates with its ridiculous sets to be there up close when the little crabs hatch after a few days when they change their tanks when they dart through the water …

Teach your children what empathy and correct behavior are towards animals.

Teach them to be on the right side at an early age

My best regards to all, Venus

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