Global: Recent Posts for Review. 18/3/21.

Looking back over the last few days – here are some of the posts we have published.

GAIA Belgium launches EU for Animals Capmaign.

Belgium: GAIA (Belgium Animal Rights) Launches #EUforAnimals Campaign. Show Your Support By Signing the Petition – Link Given. – World Animals Voice

Togo / Spain 18/3/21.  Further Elbeik update.

Togo / Spain: Further ‘Elbeik’ Update 1416GMT 18/3/21 – Stranded Cattle Ship Ordered to Dock in Spain after ‘Hellish’ Three Months at Sea. – World Animals Voice

Togo / Spain – 18/3/21 – Elbeik expected to dock in Spain tonight.  Over 100 animals feared dead.

Togo: Live Animal Transport: Elbeik Still At Sea with 1700 Animals and Over 100 Feared Dead – Expected to Dock In Cartagena, Spain Tonight. ‘Karim Allah’ Killing Team Still In Cartegena. What Happens Later ? – World Animals Voice

USA:  Texas University denied attempts to cover up research dog suffering.

USA: Texas University Denied Attempts to Cover Up Research Dog Suffering. – World Animals Voice

South Korea:  Very Positive News to stop Dog Meat Farms.

South Korea: Very Positive News To Stop Dog Meat Farms. Korean Government Seeks to Recognize Animals as ‘Living Beings,’ Not ‘Objects’. – World Animals Voice

UK / Nigeria:  Undercover investigation by UK television shows Nigerian wet markets operate as normal.

UK / Nigeria: Undercover investigation by UK television shows that Nigerian wet markets operate as normal; and that this is another Covid pandemic waiting to happen. Disturbing Footage. – World Animals Voice

USA: Dishonest attack by vegan activists ! – The fishing industry lid has been removed and they don’t like it !

USA: A ‘Dishonest Attack’ By Vegan Activists. Actually, The Fishing Industry Lid Has Been Removed To Expose The Truth, And They Dont Like It. – World Animals Voice

UK:  Designers urge UK Prime Minister to Ban Fur Sales.

UK: Designers Including Stella McCartney And Vivienne Westwood Urge UK Prime Minister To Ban Fur Sales. – World Animals Voice

China Zoo attempts to pass of a dog as a ‘wolf’.

China zoo ‘tries to pass dog off as wolf’. – World Animals Voice

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