The cruel death of the day-old chicks


The economic interests of the poultry mafia have so far been one of these “reasonable reasons” for the brutal massacre of 45 million male chicks in hatcheries in Germany every year.

Germany produced 20 billion eggs in 2020.
A horror crowd!

To do this, over 45 million hens in Germany have to live a miserable existence in cramped, dark stables.
The ban on shredding from 2022 is an overdue step and does not change anything in the basic exploitation and suffering of chickens.

In 2019, 45.3 million male chicks were massacred in Germany.
They do not lay eggs and put on little meat.
Under this logic, it is legal male chicks brutally gas or shredded a few hours after they saw the light of day.

Producing living beings in order to kill them is the worst form of fascism.

My best regards to all, Venus


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